PROMO - Nutrabio - 10 New PRE Flavor Beta Samples

PROMO - Nutrabio - 10 New PRE Flavor Beta Samples


Awesome man, glad to hear it!

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts!


Same here, got the goods. I’m finishing up my mini-cut. I’ll try it out next week when I get some carbs back in me so I can let PRE really shine. Review to follow!


I’m late to this party, but my winter goals are to add as much lean mass as possible. After my previous contest, I realized I’ll never be able to win the overall unless I pack in some serious size.

This will require me to up my caloric intake and get a little higher in body fat than I prefer. I try to stay between 8-10% year round, but to seriously add muscle mass, I’ll have to get a tad bit fluffier.

All part of the process!

*Side note - IntraBlast is quickly becoming my favorite Intraworkout. I’ve only had sweet tea and can’t wait to try other flavors, but so far this is the best product I’ve used!


Reviews are coming in…

Be sure to tag me and/or post your link in here!


Gave this a try today and will be giving it another try Friday or Saturday for more thoughts. So far, I think the flavor is an 8.5/10 or so with 12oz cold water. It may have been a bit too “lime-y” for my liking (sour/bitter), but still 100% drinkable. I’m going to try 16oz next to see if that dulls it down just enough. Of course the effects were spot on which is really what matters. Full review will be up after next try! :smiley:


That good old limeade tart…super good. But yeah keep trying it out and try different water amounts to your liking. Good feedback and of course PRE effects…in full effect :slight_smile:


I find fruit flavor drinks the same and add more cold water and/or ice. Metal shaker cups work great too.


Hey guys. Review is up!


Yep that’s what it was! Honestly if this is a bit less tart at 16oz, which i’m sure it will be, i’ll call it a winner. Blue raspberry still has my heart for now though!

Didn’t even think of using metal instead…nifty. I have a feeling this would be great at 16-20oz of water, I just don’t want to have to chug that much before the gym since I leave around 530-545am to get there. Tough to get up early, eat, and kill that much water lol.


Never did get my tub. :thinking:
You guys happen to get tracking info?


Review is up! NutraBio Cherry Limeade Review


Swear my review is coming!

Sorry I don’t have it up yet. Got sick last Thursday until now… Almost better at least. I’ll be trying this one more time with more water the first day I’m back at the gym, which may be tomorrow or Wednesday latest.

Edit: Just read @Ethan_Day’s review and saw that less water brings out the cherry (great review, btw). Think i’ll give that a try!


Hi Kon. I wanted to know if there was a mistake. I got the item and will review it, but it was 4 servings, not the mentioned 5 in this post.


I think they’re all 4 serving.


Thanks Matt. Well I got mine today and will try it out tomorrow and give a review.


Yeah Matt is right, it was just the 4 servings. The last run of EAA was five servings.

Thanks for checking and looking forward to what you think :slight_smile:


Review is up, @Kon_Rock!


These have been awesome reviews guy I and all of us at Nutrabio appreciate the time you have put into these by giving us quality thought out reviews. Glad you all had a chance to try out the New Cherry Limeade flavor, defiantly the most unique Cherry Limeade out there - natural and refreshing flavor.

Remember we brought this flavor to PRE because of the feedback we received from introducing it with our New Product and Exclusive, EAA Energy…=NUTRAB5440276


yo Kon, Iron Mic’s Nutrabio Cherry Limeade Review Here you go.