Iron Mic's Nutrabio Cherry Limeade Review

I’ve tried Nutrabio pre, and the natural version as well. This was a chance of tasting a new flavor provided me through @Kon_Rock. I’m sorry this is late. I wasn’t being a jerk, just busy and going through a whole storm of different difficulties. But here, I finally got this review out. So let’s get into it. And yes, this is completely unbiased, any negatives will be expressed. I hope this helps you in your pre work out purchases guys.

Taste 6.5/10:
Honestly speaking, pre-workouts have never quite tasted good enough for me to really look forward to this aspect of them. I kept it 6-8 oz on the water side and I do taste the flavor, what the aim was, but it doesn’t really wow me.

This isn’t a bad flavor whatsoever, it’s just, it doesn’t really go beyond that, so I have to just keep it real-Average flavor. I don’t know what’s needed to make a pre ever sip-worthy. What I mean to say is, it’s so good, I’d savor and drink it in slowly.

Performance 10/10:
This is where NB shines like the stars in the sky. I’ve tried this before and this flavor is consistent with what I have experienced. I get locked in pretty quick and I just feel so much more desirous to finish strong. I never crash on NB, I just slowly subside from my in the zone focus. It’s sort of a, no pun intended, let down, when it wares off an hour or so later but, I feel fine- relaxed even.

I feel the pump, but I never really focus on it as much- likely too zoned in on the gains for that.

Overall 9 /10:
I’m very content with NutraBio’s pre. I think average - good flavor is all we should really look for in a pre. I don’t want a delicious creamy delight as much as I don’t want too have to hold my nose while drinking something and then pray I can keep it down.

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Good stuff buddy, thanks for getting this up for us and glad you liked it. I’m with you, that I don’t like those creamy super sweet flavors…so light and refreshing ready to hit the weights!

PRE is awesome and really glad you had a chance to experience that, it hasn’t failed me yet :slight_smile:
Thanks again man, we appreciate your insight.

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