NutraBio Cherry Limeade PRE Review

NutraBio Cherry Limeade PRE Review


NutraBio Cherry Limeade Review

Huuuuuuge thanks to NB for the sample tub giveaway. I’ve been fortunate to get a few sample tubs from NB, and each time I appreciate more and more. The least I can do is this review and continue suggesting this brand to others. Hopefully I make some sort of impact in return.

Let’s get into this. The PRE is the same, awesome, totally open label PRE we’ve all come to love. It’s not a pre-workout that knocks your socks off, but it seems to be guaranteed to give you the energy/performance you need day to day upon use. Anyone else hate pre-workouts that sometimes put you to sleep yet sometimes knocks you off your feet? I know I do. That doesn’t happen with PRE which is fantastic. I don’t think I need to go too deep into the label as that’s been gone over countless times, so let’s get into the flavor/mixability.

The raw powder is a nice, faint red-ish, pink.

Here I weighed out as level a scoop as my shaky hands can do.

The “level” scoop weighed just a touch over the 29.92 (I think?) label claim, but that’s surely on me as the scoop likely wasn’t perfectly level. Probably just a bit over packed.

The mixed color is pretty.

A nice, faint red-ish pink just as the powder appears. This was in 8oz of cold water. You’ll see just a touch of foam that settles very fast and doesn’t last the entire drink. Some pre’s will foam and you’ll have foam all the way til the last sip, which I do not prefer.

Here’s an inside cup mixability shot. You’ll see some little crusties stuck to the side. Maybe the Creatine MagnaPower? Not sure. Seemed pretty sticky as even swirling the drink around then taking sips, I still had some around the bottle by the time I was done. Not a huge deal.


Now here’s the interesting part. So far, of the 4 scoops, I’ve tried one in 12oz of cold water, and the other in 8oz of cold water.

This somehow seemed the most lime. It was a bit bitter and hard to really nail down what I was drinking. Almost like a sour lemonade? It was okay. I’ve had worse, but certainly have had better. The effects are really what matter in the end. NutraBio blue raspberry PRE is still one of my all time favorite flavors of any company.

I saw someone here suggest that at 8oz, the cherry flavor would come out more. I’d say that was mostly true. At this liquid amount, the cherry was initial, but quickly came the bittery lime as expected. Honestly this would be great for someone who likes a more sour/bitter drink. I personally prefer more sweet flavors apparently!

I’m going to give my fiance a sip when I have this again. I don’t know if she’ll take a full scoop since she has a fear of “what’s going in her body” kind of deal when the scoop is so big… Can’t seem to help her past that lol. Maybe her feelings could also be true for others? Maybe a “PRE Lite” would be something for NutraBio to consider? It probably wouldn’t appeal to the masses, but it would be an opportunity for a “budget” PRE from an awesome company that even newbies have a better understanding and feeling about. What do I know though! haha. Either way, I’ll report back on her thoughts.

Huge thanks again to the NutraBio team. You guys have been killing it lately which is awesome to see. I hope this review was helpful to both NB newcomers and all.

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Really Great Review man…love this :slight_smile:

I like what you said PRE gives it to you day in and day out!

And good on the water amounts with PRE, you used. I take it with about 6-8 oz and that seems to really bring out all the flavor. I like the bitter, tangy side of it. It is a very different Cherry Limeade than others I have had and staying as natural flavoring as possible.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile:


Happy to help with an honest review! :smiley:

I definitely agree it’s a different cherry limeade. The last cherry limeade flavored supp I had was an EAA supp, and it was more of an “artificial”/candy-like flavor with a hint of lemonade/limeade mixed in. The NutraBio cherry limeade almost tastes more authentic, like you just ordered this as a drink kind of flavor that someone mixed with actual cherry/lime. Yeah i’d like a touch more cherry, but not all flavors win everyone’s heart!


Couldn’t agree with this more!

Thanks again buddy, much appreciated and glad you were able to try it out.