NutraBio Cherry Limeade Review

NutraBio Cherry Limeade Review


First off thanks to @Kon_Rock for sending me a 4 serving tub to try out!

Before this, I had never tried NutraBio’s Pre before. Also I received the 4 serving tub for free but this is a completely unbiased review.

Taste 6.5/10: On first sip, I definitely could taste the bite of the lime with the cherry flavor coming in late. Its a bit sour and you can tell that its trying to cover up the taste of all the ingredients. I used 14oz of water on my first taste but for the other 3 times, I used 12 oz. The cherry flavor came through more when I used less water which was good. One of my favorite pre workout flavors ever is the PreJym Cherry Limeade so I did have that in mind when trying this out. Its not near as good but when you take into consideration the 30g of ingredients in NutraBio Pre, I can’t complain.

Performance 9/10: While I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavor, I was blown away by the results. With 3.2g of Beta Alanine, I felt the itch for sure but it wasn’t too over powering like a lot of pre workouts are. Energy levels were consistent through my whole workout. No crazy spike in energy followed by a big crash, just good clean energy. My favorite part of it was the focus I got. About 25 minutes after finishing my drink, I became zoned in on the weights. That focus continued through each 60 minute lifting session and carried over into my cardio sessions after. Pumps were also great especially on my back day. Veins were looking pretty scary.

Overall 8.5/10: I loved my first encounter NutraBio Pre and its effectiveness more than makes up for my dislike of the flavor. In the future, I want to try out one of the other flavors like Blue Raspberry or Green Apple.

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Great review man, I defiantly agree with you that it better with less water. I use less then 8oz when I take PRE. But loved to hear that you had a fantastic results with PRE. Its a power packed product and defiantly worth checking out the other flavors.

We do look at excessive flavoring as a filler, so we try to keep that as natural as possible.

But we have To-Go packs on our site that you can check out:

Appreciate the review buddy and again glad you loved PRE :slight_smile:

Hit me up if you have any question about Nutrabio!!


Blue Raspberry is where it’s at man, I’d try that one next