Cold and Flu Supplement Stack

Get well soon!

Do we need to put together a cold and flu stack?


Ha! I wouldn’t mind that at all, the only “supplement” I know of that helps is fresh garlic, and…that’s difficult to force down when you’re already feeling ill.

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A while back we wrote about echinacae beating Tamiflu (prescription ‘flu medication’):

So I’d consider that, zinc, and vitamin C. And for whatever reason, chicken soup outperforms regular water/fluids!

Bovine Colostrum outperforms flu shots too (which are usually total garbage and then some), but not so sure about for colds!

Would agree with this 100%.

I’ve seen a ton of back-and-forth on colostrum, so I never really bought into it. Is this based on personal experience or is there evidence supporting that as well?

For the flu part, I was referencing this study:

Full text: colostrum-vs-flu-shot-cesarone2007.pdf | DocDroid


"Subjects in the colostrum groups used oral
tablets (one daily, at 8:00 AM, for 8 weeks). The composition
of the colostrum, in chewable tablets (ARD
Colostrum, Corcon srl, Milan, Italy) containing 400
mg of defatted bovine freeze-dried colostrum with
its characteristics, is reported in Table 1."

400mg is like nothing! The Symbiotics colostrum powder we normally would recommend is 3g/scoop.

“Colostrum, both in healthy subjects and high-risk cardiovascular patients, is at least 3 times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu and is very cost-effective.”

Flu shots are often fucking worthless depending on the year, and worse, the “multi-dose” vials still contain mercury from the Thimerosal perservative ingredient.

Last time I checked, mercury is neurotoxic, but hey, let’s go and get our annual injections that might work if our crystal balls are properly tuned this year, mercury risks be damned!!

I’m tossing phenibut into this discussion. Was sick last week and took phenibut before bed. Went to sleep easily, slept all night, and woke up feeling refreshed. Still sick of course but sleep is one of the most important parts of recovery from sickness.

Interesting!! Just get knocked out and be happy while sick… sleep it off! Not a terrible idea.

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Thanks a ton for the info, Mike! And I agree about the sleep thing. Sleep is obviously good for recovery!

Oh, and back to vaccines, I’ve heard the CDC owns patents for several of them. No wonder they recommend so many!

They’re also highly effective and have essentially eliminated a number of terrible diseases (e.g. smallpox).

On the flu shot, which is ostensibly a little more optional, there is serious predictive modeling that goes into deciding what subunits will be included in the vaccine. It would be terrible if we had a repeat of the 1918 epidemic.

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Sweating a little helps too I think. When I get a cold, I usually take 3-5 grams of Vitamin C daily and drink lots of PowerAde.

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Yeah I know vaccines do work. I don’t want to argue that. However, as Mike talked about earlier, the flu shot is apparently useless some years from what I’ve heard. Also, they just put all kinds of unnecessary crap in them. Like mercury? You can’t convince me there’s no way around that.

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My wife grows isatis in our garden. That sh*t is amazing for helping to prevent us from catching a cold. Also works well at shortening the duration of a cold if one of us catches it. We just pick a couple leaves from the garden, fold them up, chew and swallow. It does have a strange burning sensation, so you gotta have water handy :stuck_out_tongue:. We have now started dehydrating, pulverizing, and filling capsules with the remaining leaves for the off season.

Until then, we swore by Source Naturals Wellness Formula, which is basically a cocktail of everything rumored or proven to help with illness, lol. The formula is not as robust as it used to be years ago, but I still take it when needed.

I’m sure it’s been said, but I’ll buy the “Airbourne” dissolvable caps. Basically a week’s worth of vitamin c in one cap. Drink one of those every 2 hours and I will always get better at an expedited rate. If you catch it early, loading yourself up with other immune system beneficial supps can help. I swear by L-Gluatmine and Vitamin C when I’m sick.

Oh wow that really does:

I like products like this, that take the herbal route but also combine it with the “chemical compound / vitamin” route. No reason not to have Zinc and Vitamin C in there.

The best sleep aids are like that too… ie mixing GABA and melatonin and maybe even phenibut with lavendar and lemon balm. That’s how you get knocked out from both sides!!

Pretty cheap too:

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Wow, < $23 on Amazon! And my tried and true increased their prices. A bottle does last forever, though. I only take it when I’m sick, around people who are sick, or when traveling.

Amazon taking over the world. I see some price problems on our site though, running a re-check. We have 93 product pages connected to this. So many damn sizes and stores!

I’ve always wondered why they can’t sell the Myer’s cocktail in pill form.