Moving Offtopic Posts to a New Topic

So, I kinda screwed up @TheMyth’s RXS Radiate Sample thread, not realizing where I was, talking about cold and flu stuff.

Cool thing with this software - you can move offtopic posts to a new thread. So it went here:

So if anyone sees this, realize that moderators can split off way offtopic items, move them, they get linked, but the conversation doesn’t get destroyed.

I’m a fan.

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Don’t even trip Mike! This is your forum so how could I possibly get upset!!?? :smile:

Ha, still lame to shit up a thread. If it were us BS’ing about football in the Watercooler, then that’s one thing. But that’s your promo thread.

BTW - Finally got Radiate listed on our site. Didn’t realize Nutriverse had it!!! Boom, now we list it and should do some official videos!!!

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Will be cool to see what kind of video you guys do! Will you throw up a link to it when done?

For Radiate? I’ll see what the guys have in stock and can review soon… the stuff pops, no doubt. Had some serious thermo effect today with it. Glad I sipped on it slowly over time, if I woulda drained that scoop all at once I mighta sweat through my chair!

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