Build Fast Formula VasoBlitz & FullBlitz Review Opportunity

Build Fast Formula VasoBlitz & FullBlitz Review Opportunity

Build Fast Formula VasoBlitz & FullBlitz Review Opportunity (5 Serving FullBlitz & 7 Serving VasoBlitz)


Fullblitz is the newest product to debut from Build Fast Formula, which brings a stimulated version of its flagship product Vasoblitz. This is an opportunity to review FullBlitz & VasoBlitz for a short stint and gauge your results in the gym.

Here are the major areas you will cover during your review:


2 Scoops Fullblitz or 1 Scoop FullBlitz + 1 Scoop Vasoblitz (Training)

Do you Train Fasted?

Do you Train Fed?

If you train fed:

– how long before training did you dose

– how long before your training do you eat, and how many grams of carbohydrates is in your pre-workout meal?

– How much water are you in taking? (Water helps improve pumps during training)

– What is your sodium intake like? Sodium, Water, and Carbs are driving factors to improving pump and vascularity during training.


2 Scoop VasoBlitz


Initial Review

After your first serving:



Thoughts on Formula (ingredient Breakdown)


** Pump

** Energy

** Focus

** Vascularity

** Any changes in recovery or rest times during training


Final Review

Taste (How many oz of water did you mix with Full blitz to find your sweet spot)

Mix (what water to powder ratio did you find to work the best for you?)

Formula (thoughts on the Stimulated & Non-Stimulated Product with the ingredient profile and doses)

Cost (would you purchase this based off the price per serving?)

Overall thoughts and workout reaction



3-5 Reviewers will be chosen

Must live in the U.S.

Once enough applications are collected winners will be chosen.

Reviewers should Provide:
  • Initial Review & Final Review

  • 2-3 Updates during your run following training sessions.

Buying FullBlitz or VasoBlitz

At Anytime you want to pickup VasoBlitz or FullBlitz on you can use code β€œBob15” for 15% off your order and free shipping.

VasoBlitz $29.75 for 30 Servings

FullBlitz $34 for 24 Servings

FullBlitz + Free 7 Serving VasoBlitz = $34

Vasoblitz + FullBlitz + Shaker = $55

VasoBlitz & FullBlitz Samples are available

Previous Reviews/Logs:


In for the opportunity.


Absolutely in for the opportunity. Very big fan of the Vasoblitz and have been wanting to pull the trigger in Fullblitz for a while now

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Rainbow Candy at 5oz highly recommended

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I’m definitely in!


I am going to pick Winners on Sunday
Lets get some apps in here!

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This was easy

You will have your products shipped out Monday!
Look forward to your feedback.


Very much looking forward to giving this a go brotha!

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Thanks man! Can’t wait to give these a go!

Trying to decide on a pre