Post your favourite supplement out of any category, see me do a much better formula

let’s see what you guys consider a really effective product. i will then post a formula that will by far exceed its effects. i realize it makes me sound like an ass but nobody can do what i do. i do not view what i use and combine as supplements as everything is more effective than any pharmaceutical.
i do not age, can get to a bf% lower than most competitors eating 5000calories and 500g carbs and lift more weight on some exercises than any pro bodybuilder or powerlifter at 190lbs. consider those are at a bf much lower than most competitors with 18 inch arms. full body workouts 5xweekly.

i fail to understand why no company can make products that allow eating unlimited carbs or a preworkout that can lead to not 1-2 more reps but doing 10 instead of 5 or adding 20lbs for the same reps and that does not tax the cns but actually causes one to recover during training and makes people feel more healthy the longer they take it. and it is not a problem regarding cost as so many formulas simply make no sense. a lot of science talk everywhere, patented and new ingredients but none of those are all that impressive.

it almost seems like nobody understands how to manipulate metabolism instead of just using stims and pump ingredients which make one feel like it is working but there is no actual performance increase that will occur when one can eat huge amounts of carbs and increase cellular energy far beyond niagen, elevatp, creatine or whatever people think is modern or proven and muscle contrctions are increased not by neurotransmission but on a metabolic level.

ever seen a 220lbs dumbbell row for 18 reps?
it is funny people negate all i say without even following some suggestions mostly. the ones who do are usually extremely surprised. i do not take money.

What in the holy hell is this?


What the hell?


OK, let’s play!
First let’s see your pre workout, I’ve used most modern pre’s and look for stims to get me fired up and anything I can get in pumps and endurance. After that let’s see a nootropic, as a metal musician I look for creativity and focus, noopept and choline are my go to.
You talked the talk so let’s start walking.

Pwo consists of dmz, igf-1 and the clear

forget nootropics, you will not get focus from increasing acetylcholine, at least it will feel strange and most nootropics are based around that. proper brain function is based on a balanced neurochemistry which will not be achieved by some random unselective increase of one or several NTs. no choline sources, AChE inhibitors, amino acids increasing dopamine or serotonin and even stimulants sold in preworkouts and fatburners will ever result in optimal brain function. you are best off taking substances for neuroprotection and making sure you are not deficient in nutrients necessary for balanced neurotransmitter synthesis. magnesium-l-threonate, agmatine and methylfolate are all good ideas, additionally alcar, pterostilbene, pomegranate and other substances reducing inflammation etc. are good ideas. it is also good to achieve ideal insulin sensitivity as eating a lot of carbs and getting many different micronutrients will lead to more energy. that is all the base. without methylfolate (70% of people with depression are defficient) no ssri or other reuptake inhibitor will work properly. creativity comes from passion, you cannot increase this, not through motivation or whatever. honestly, lsd, mushrooms or ketamine would probably lead to more creativity as it may change things fundamentally rather than trying to increase something that is not something that can be boosted. there is no “become a great artist booster”. if you do want focus and motivation, energy etc., without the chance of a completely random response (any nootropic will have 10 people have 10 completely different results, i would need to know your neurochemistry to even know what dysbalances you have. everyone has some dysbalances or one would be completely at peace and feel no fear, anger, sadness and simply be capable of anything, although these things depend on conditioning as well. i am not afraid of death and do not care wether people like or hate me and i laugh at so called problems but that is more an issue of having realized that i can trigger emotional responses, anticipate behaviour and feel others emotions etc. so i can avoid any “problems”.) then you would have to take an amphetamine, either dextroamphetamine or dextromethamphetamine in a therapeutic dosage, not recreational. for that to work you need to create a healthy physical environment and prevent excitotoxicity and side effects by using things like mag-threonate, agmatine methylfolate and the others i mentioned.

as for a preworkout:
1500mg acetyl-l-carnitine
200mg phenylpiracetam
600mg sulbutiamine
200mg n-methyl-beta-methyl-phenylethylamine
400mg purenergy (228mgpteropure-172mgcaffeine co-crystal)
400mg theacrine (as tasteless TeaCrine 40%)
15mg methylfolate

maximum strength:
2000mg creatinol-o-phosphate
1200mg selaginella (20% amentoflavone)

performance, endurance, atp production:
6g creatine-pyruvate
3g lc-fumarate
3g calcium-orotate
200mg ubiquinol
200mg shilajit

extreme pump/vascularity:
2g leucin-nitrate
1g pomegranate extract (30% punicalagins)
1g acerola powder (25% vit.c)


Daily ergogenic?

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The forum’s first troll? Is there a badge for that?


Congrats you can formulate an ingredient list. Anyone can. Doesn’t account for taste, price, and availability of ingredients that a lot of people haven’t even heard of


Either you’re screwing with us or you’re the next guerrilla chemist, I’m going to keep an open mind that you may know what you’re talking about. Do you have a blog or ig? I’ve read your response several times and I think methylfolate sounds like a good starting point


i have formulated for some companies but do not have time for blogging or anything that is generalized and for attention, profit or whatever. mostly i give advice to people who could not be helped by anyone and have real problems and a sincere need for help.
that can sometimes include days of communication with me trying to gather all possible information and then giving very detailed advice, making sure not to tell someone what to do or not but to provide the chance to find the solution themselves or with the help of whoever may be capable. only when the one asking my advice has found a solution that allows for a healthy happy life and he/she feels taken care of and not left alone or ignored without the hope of anything getting better i will be content, otherwise i will keep in communication for as long as it is needed. (usually people who have some kind of real problem, not someone who thinks that 19 inch arms are not enough to go outside as they feel too small or people asking what to take so they can have results like me. i won’t claim that some product is the best for everyone, especially when it comes to things relating to neurochemistry. also many people will benefit greatly from bcm-95, at high doses it has helped with arthritic conditions more than any medicine for many, yet it is not ideal for everyone)

something almost everyone would benefit from is pterostilbene, pomegranate and such things. also gynostemma, trans-tiliroside, cyanidin-3-glucoside should benefit nearly anyone. agmatine, magnesium-l-threonate, ubiquinol, shilajit, krebs cycle chelated minerals, active b-vitamins are also things that most people will benefit from. of course there is allergies and things such as fillers, colouring, flavouring and so on that some will not tolerate so it is good to be able to listen to ones body. i think this has been discovered some time ago, was it called the microbiome? not sure, some sort of “new organ”. i always knew what was going on with my body and what it needed or needs to be avoided so to me it seemed strange that this is not something everyone experiences and whatever it is called now it was always obvious to me that there is consciousness which is not in the body/mind but observes it and knows all about it, recognizing emotions for example before they manifest in the body/mind. i read studies and all sorts of stuff all day for many years, yet sometimes science discovers fragments of some things that should be obvious but are probably dulled by modern societies exogenous flood of information, designer food devoid off nutrients, desires for things that have been “implanted” by media, family, school, culture etc., estranging people from nature and their “intuition”, making the world largely a one of concepts of the mind and not ones inherent understanding. there is nothing special about me, i always thought that if i am capable of something than anyone should be too and some should be able to teach me about things i never knew, some kind of teacher, guru, call it what you want. turned out i learnt everything myself but i have only been to around 15 countries and met a few thousand people so there may be people and places that exist in my imagination but i have not been to or seen yet.

First off, I’m curious as to why you responded to my comment as I did not ask for your explanation on a single thing. While you may be intelligent (or copy and pasted everything you’ve put here) I do not care for your approach. Also, you’re giving quite a bit of borderline medical advice, which is not wise in an my instance. I also can not tell if you’re being arrogant, or a walking cream pie (basically like a cunt, but with more entitlement). You should avoid giving advice to people who’s neurochemistry you do not know. You came out of the blue, so everything you post will be viewed with extreme skepticism, and I suggest everyone else take what this guy says with a grain of salt.

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…you remind me of the formulator that slammed OL on AM for Re1gn having 5 stims in their formula…

Why non acute for a pre workout?

see above post. not arrogant at all. just honest and no intentions but to help. it would be dishonest of me to pretend being capable of less than i am or playing dumb, which i have done a lot and still been called arrogant so i realized this is usually the impression people get who are rather untalented and ignorant yet have a big ego or it happens on the internet where it is difficult to imagine someone. one can’t see me smile or how i don’t take life or myself too seriously.
sometimes writing in a non-emotional, not humble and rather cold sounding way will allow to see who is open to a possibility or not.
very few people believe the weights i could move or the shape i was in a few years ago except those who saw it. (did not workout for 3 years, lots of things happened like the ceiling coming down from some water pipe damage or people close to me suddenly doing weird things that made life a little complicated. started again about 3 weeks ago and am lifting around 60% of what i used to and look like i workout again…lol).

in regards to neurochemistry i can tell quite well what goes on in people when taking behaviour, response to medication, supplements, drugs, information about need for sleep, wether driven or rather indifferent, wanting but not being able to due to fatigue or being able t theoretically but not having any hope/feeling of pointlessness etc.

thats why a nootropic can never be the best nootropic because it would need to be speciffically made for someone and even then if some cognitive or mental issue has no physical cause, which is mostly the problem, this is an are where sometimes sadly medication is needed like opioids or benzodiazepines, amphetamines and such. there could be some problem with rna transcription due to toxins, environmental damage causing a neurochemical issue comparable to having no thyroid or testicles…lol. what i am getting at is that sometimes drugs are not covering symptoms but replacing a deficit which cannnot be corrected as there is no underlying reparable cause.

woah 5?? stims now? i think olympus has some good ideas and had some interesting formulas in the past, i have not been able to read much in the last months so i saw that there is now a few patented ingredients like elevatp, vaso-6 etc. which are not really anything special. shilajit and green tea/grape seed are probably not really any worse. to be honest i have been using elevatp and also vaso-6 and i feel i would get more from shilajit and a grape seed or pomegranate extract.
actually i am using massacre and i have used secretabridge in the past, pomegranate extract (punicalagins) and i do not get the same benefits in terms of injury healing, pump/vascularity/endurance/nutrient partitioning. the vaso-6 i can’t say if it does anything but i do not train for pumps and never really have much pump, at least not in a sense of blowing up but rather muscles getting harder (the way i train leads to actual structural protein gains rather than glycogenanabolism). i think leucine nitrate gives me a certain longer lasting hardness and abh/bec gave me the most pump i ever had. it is still more the muscle getting solid and veins, not like some having an inch on their arms more for a few hours.)

5 stims can only be bad or the cns. also stims do not give constant increases, say you can do 2 more reps because of them, next workout you will need those stims to keep the level. there will not be consistent progress and one will basically burn out and change the preworkout. i think a pre should be causing permanent improvements in perormance and health, maybe something like eria jarensis with some caffeine and a bunch of neuroprotective stuff could be used regularly. using magnesium-l-threonate and adaptogens could make sure that the cns recovers better by using the product rather than taxing it. i used to use heavy stims a long time ago but realized that when real performance enhancing ingredients are used then a little stim will really make those incredibly noticeable. of course lack of norepinephrine and dopamine will make it hard to perform well but when cellular energy is high then just enough will make that energy really noticeable. ubiquinol/shilajit can really increase reps a lot and seems much more reliable and strong than niagen or example. also elevatp does not compare for me.
creatine-pyruvate has a direct effect on my performance while creatine in any other form does not, not even over time. all it does is slightly increase intracellular water. no improved strength for me though.

i could imagine using the new performax oxymax preworkout with most of the ingredients i listed (used to not have to pay for stuff, now i can’t buy all that as it would be hundreds of dollars a month. knowing the costs off the raws i can tell most pres are 5 dollars max to make, most much less. this formula i posted would be around 30-40 dollars to make. now i simply cannot buy a product for 50 dollars costing 3 in raws (where i live supps are more than in the US).

alcar, pterostilbene, pomegranate extract, gynostemmma and trans-tiliroside with a large meal, then oxymax with creatinol-o-phosphate, amentoflavone, leucin-nitrate, gplc around 2 hours after (possibly massmax for the rhaponticum), then training an hour or so later having some chocolate milk or so in between the pre and the workout could be quite good.
berberine, banaba, gymnema would be affordable to take before other meals. (4-5 of 800-1500calories usually, total 4000 to 5000 right now. in 2 months or so i should have regained and surpassed my previous stats but i was using a lot of substances when i ate 5000 calories and still lost fat when it was becoming slightly weird as calipers would measure like 3%bf or so which i consider impossible but there were only 2mm skinfolds max.)

basically i will get lef ampk activator (trans-tiliroside formula), pomegranate extract, hopefully pterostilbene. i have alcar and banaba, gymnema. will also get mag-threonate. could use a good adaptogen, massmax looks like it could actually do something (i do not expect any muscle gains, ideally cns recovery so training can be done without one day breaks. oxymax looks like it would be a stim that does not feel too peripheral (hardcore pres feel much more druglike than therapeutically dosed dextroapphetamine. the latter does not give a racing heart, weird sensory overload and eliminates tiredness, hardcore pres can leave me with fatigue despite being overstimmed).

not many formulas on the market are something i would use, performax did some good stuff, some was just a copy of something. dedicated nutrition does some good valued products but there is always something not ideal. unbeatable is a nice formula but i don’t like ksm-66. ig-one is cheap and effective.

it is difficult to tell on paper, some olympus stuff looked great but did not do much, other products looked like pleasantly mild stims but felt nasty.
not sure on oxymax and massmax.
there is so many new companies and formulas, i know the ingredients i want but no idea who might make what. ideally a stim with pea-derivatives, eria or senegal ballerina or what they call it :slight_smile: and some caffeine, not too many unpredictable stims. and an adaptogenic formula but not rhodiola, bacopa and stuff like that. so far massmax looks best but i am open to suggestions as i used to know every supp on the market but haven’t ffollowed recent releases. performance/recovery in terms of cns basically.

would like to use the full dose of c3g, only biotest indigo3g has it (600mg active c3g), other supps have 20-35% extracts so one would need like 2 grams and hpn m(6) has 365 mg of a really low extract.

i found nutrient partitioners to provide the most overall benefit in all areas. muscle, fat loss, performance as getting so many more nutrients just makes it a lot easier. berberine and na-r-ala being the classics but bergenin is a good addition and banaba, pterostilbene, pomegranate.
never tried gynostemma and trans-tiliroside but will soon using lef metabolic activator.
some think ampk will inhibit muscle growth but i found the opposite to be the case. leucine never did a thing and training heavy, often and pprogressively will ensure gains much more than some mtor increase will. however PA seems interesting and could be used post-workout, at least i would try that as no need for all those insulin sensitivity increasing things post-wo, however i have doubts about the strength of PA supplementation. it should provide some good health benefits regardless.
when one has to pay retail it is a bit difficult as i would need to spend 500 dollars or more monthly now to use all i have in the past.

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Well geez, you can get a decent steroid cycle for that kind of money

true, the thing is that supplements usually cost 10x the price of their raws. so as a manufacturer one would get the ingredients for 50 dollars and as i used to help formulate products i never had to pay for them or got things really cheap.
that’s what bothers me, a company could invest 20 dollars in a pre and sell it for 80. it seems expensive and the company would not be able to market it so much (that’s why so many things cost so much, advertising is a huge factor). however consider that companies do not use the ingredients that are best but sound good and do not cost them much (ksm-66 being very popular but not very costly). things like pteropure, pomegranate extract and c3g(!!!) are expensive and active b-vitamins are really expensive compared to the inactive forms. still, saving a few bucks and tossing in pointless and messy doses of cheap inactive vitamins instead of using properly dosed active b-vitamins or vitamin c from a natural source(in nature vitamin c is always in the presence of bioflavonoids, i drink a smoothie that has 700mg vitamin c from acerola) makes the difference between useless to harmful or very beneficial.
some things are ridiculous even to buy for manufacturers like niagen for example but it does not even have solid evidence with some contradictory studies. my experience was not great either. ubiquinol and shilajit are much more effective and not that expensive. sometimes products are still worth it retail and some substances are good and cheap and one can combine them. gynostemma and trans tiliroside in lef metabolic activator are really potent compounds and the price is acceptable, dedicated ig-one has banaba and gymnema and is quite cheap and berberine is not expensive either.

its just pisses me off, especially in europe, that stuff is 30 dollars when the raws cost 3 dollars max.
some companies or shops also have ridiculous prices, selling some stuff for way too much and others for an okay price. then one needs to order from all these different places etc.
100mg pteropure pterostilbene for 30 days is usually about 30 euros in europe but one can find 150mg for 45 days for 25 euros. but google these days makes it like looking for the needle in a haystack (if that is the correct saying)

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Took me a second, but this was hilarious

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