Never used Wrist Wraps... Need help!

Never used Wrist Wraps... Need help!


It’s come to the point in my weightlifting progress where I begin to need wrist wraps for my upper body press movements. I will be purchasing a pair at some point between now and early January. What I don’t know is what length of wraps to pick up. Is it based on wrist/forearm circumference?


It’s based on how stiff you want them to be, from “supportive” to “turns your wrist joint into a brick”


All I need is support. I’m 6’4" lanky and knocking on the door of 3 plates. I won’t see anymore progress if my thinner wrists can’t handle the weight.


Then 12-18 inch wraps should do you dandy. Remember to look up HOW to wrap them, see too many guys at the gym with them wrapped so far down that they may as well be wristbands, offering no support whatsoever.


Great explanation above. I’ve been using wraps for my push movements for a little while now and I love them. Here’s the ones I use:

I personally use the 18 inch ones and they’re perfect for support


I feel like I’m missing out. Never used these. You guys notice much difference?


I mean, it can put a couple of pounds on your presses just out of more general stability, but mostly they’re for safety purposes. Lots of tiny, easily damaged parts in your hands and wrists.


I’m looking at this pair from Iron Rebel… Or whichever set is best. I’m a fan of the brand.


I got some from spud Inc I think 30in. Stiff but not insane. I would suggest those.


Just remembered I reviewed them on too


I have the original Outlaw wraps from Iron Rebel:

My wrists are also tiny and fragile. I went with the 24" which is no longer available with the new style coming out, but i’m happy with the 24". It allows for at least 2-2.5 wraps from the bottom of my hand down into my wrist. These things are stiff but work very well because of it.


I’ve use Strength Wraps for a while now. Like you I’m taller (6-3) and wear them as part of my gym ‘uniform’…I won’t lift without them now.


I have only used them a couple times because luckily I don’t have problems with my wrists. But when I did use them, the ones you can buy at Wal-Mart or any retail outlet worked just fine and they are not expensive at all.


Yeah, agreed. Unless you’re throwing 400+, expensive wraps aren’t really worth it.


can you define expensive?


I’d also recommend the stoic ones above for $14 shipped (Prime). I had those when they were previously Evolutionize prior to rebranding. They provided plenty of support for a clicky wrist.

More expensive wrist wraps like Inzer and Iron Rebels will probably last twice as long and provide more support, but often at twice the price. A company like Stoic admittedly goes to the cheapest manufacturer that they can find will meet their quality standards.


The one thing I can say about the Iron Rebel price is that they do 20-25% discount days once in a while. I believe this coming weekend is 25% off + free shipping on all orders weekend. Something to consider, @BigHoop65. :slight_smile:


@blongo804 You understand why I’m doing my research ahead of this weekend. The fallback plan is that I’ll be able to try some on in person at the LA Fit Expo in early January.


Ahh you’re way ahead of me then! Haha glad you’re aware though.

I may actually get a set of their new style wrist wraps. I love my original Outlaws, but the thumb strap is not the most comfortable and cuts circulation HARD. It seems the new version of the wraps will have a better thumb strap + other benefits most likely.


I’d recommend Schiek wrist wraps. Very good quality and you can save some $$$ using the priceplow coupon at Suppz.