Multivitamin: Prove me wrong

Multivitamin: Prove me wrong


I am searching for the most complete, highest bioavailability, reputable Men’s daily multivitamin.
From what I have deduced, appears to be the best.
If you have a daily multi vitamin that you can intelligently argue is better, please post up the name and why (price, ingredients, etc)
This is not to start a pissing contest or argument. I want to advance a real topic that has a crowded marketplace
I don’t get a paycheck, free t-shirts, shaker bottles or any other compensation from Nutrabio


NutraBio is a great choice


The new Core Multi looks solid. Also, M-Factor Hero by 1st phorm. Around the time I was taking it, I had my bloods run, and everything came back absolutely perfect. I wasn’t deficient in anything at all. No other multi has done that for me


Core Multi doesn’t seem to exist any longer, at least on priceplow.


My dude, it was just relaunched. I love priceplow (obviously) but they are a little late to the party sometimes. There’s too much on the market to always get to in time


I like PES Tru-Multi


I think Optimum Nutrition makes a solid multi-vitamin and at a good price. I am currently trying Grenade Ration Pack. I got it this time because it has fish oil and probiotics in it as well. I was too cheap to buy seperate products this time…LOL So far, I like it.


I’m a cheap ass. I just take Swansonvitamins Mens Prime Multi. 90-day supply is $10.
I take two/day, so double these numbers :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, that is really all you need. I like more Vitamin C myself though. I take about 1-2 grams a day of it.


Yeah, it’s just a supplement. Eating kale, wheat grass and nutritional yeast daily blows most of these vitamin numbers out of the water :laughing:
I could probably use more D3 though.


Opinions on MedKit from RC1?


Ripoff by far


Cyano b-12?:confused:


Rip off, it’s way too expensive for what it is


Orange Triad by CL is my favorite

  • Free of iron (When iron intake is too high there can be digestion issues and GI distress )
  • Joint Complex
  • Digestion Complex
  • Cut labels and save them and trade back into the company for products + Swag + Duffle bags
  • Can get bottles around $20 for 60 days worth. Very cost effective


BK…How large are the pills? And thank you


Just did a google saerch


Google is my friend - Thank you


Them is big pills!


Not at all. I can swallow all 3 without water and with ease. These are nothing like trying to take Animal Pak pills Slightly larger then the new flexatril pills (similar to the older version). A bit bigger then a digestive enzyme or a probiotic, but again nothing hard to take down.