Meals Eating Now

Meals Eating Now


Simply Post what your eating now.
Cheat Meals
Regular Meals
Refeed Meals etc…

Sunday’s are Cheat meals for me, so I like to enjoy some goodies.

Gingerbread Donut from KK (One Day only on the 12th)

Oreo Cheesecake:


Cream Pie:

Elvis Burger:

Ample Hills The Force:

BSN Syntha-6 Cold Stone Creamery Jump-Starts BSN's Rebrand

I hope you aren’t eating all that in one sitting…LOL


This is what I am snacking on now… I work 3rd shift…



No stranger to big meals

This was a burger challenge in pittsburgh at Seib’s Pub
Set the record for under 10 minutes


Is this supposed to be an ongoing thing? Jump in and show off food whenever we eat? Or were you just curious today? Anyway, I’m headed to bed, so no food at the moment.


Just post up whatever your eating at the moment. “Hence meals eating Now”

Doesn’t have to be everyday, just an ongoing thread.
I am sure you guys will have some nice eats from the holidays too


AYCE Ihop a few years ago I went for quite a few re-orders (7) on top of the initial 5 pancakes.

Not bad for like $5 haha

I also did a 4lb Pita in Washington PA which was great the first pound, then it was so damn greasy. Lamb meat is no joke

When I went to visit my brother in Colorado I did this 3lb Bacon PB Cheeseburger which was delicious (PB went really well believe it or not)


@TheSolution You are like our own version of " Man Vs. Food " :slight_smile:


22 oz Bone-in Ribeye last night at Bob’s Steak and Chop House last night. Nummers :smiley:


That ribeye looks damn good. Bone in the way to go, so much flavor.


@TheSolution how much do you weigh?


169 this AM


Heck yeah! First thing I do is cut the meat off, and gnaw on the bone. Then I work on the rest :smiley:

@TheSolution 169??? Where the hell do you pack all that food?


I used to pack crazy meals in like this when I was under 200. it’s all about the total for the day though.


My legs. Now if my upperbody could match my lower I would be a happy camper.


Sludge with Berries + Chocolate Shavings


Now I wanna see these wheels


@BKupniewski is my IG plenty of pics.

Banana Pancakes + Whip Cream


Christmas Cookies from @BloodnThunder

Homemade Suger Cookies:

Oreo Kitchen Sink Cookies:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese with Bacon

Ample Hills The Resistance:


FFS! I start shredding 2 weeks. I’m gonna have to unfollow this thread! lol

That mac 'n cheese though…