Lets talk Berberine

Berberine has come up quite a bit lately in a few discussions on this forum. So why not kick off its own topic…

I started taking it this week after everyone’s praises :smiley:. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) my carbs are already pretty low with my shredding, 75 g / day target right now, and I get them mostly from vegetables with the exception of 1/4 cup brown rice and 1 cup mixed berries; so it probably won’t help me much right now. If I get a carb refeeds (400 g carb bump in one day) before the comp, then it might have more impact on those days.

I commented previously about how terrible the stuff tastes. @Christianmelon suggested capping it. My wife apparently already has empty caps and even a capper. So we are going to give that a shot today.

So, what do ya all think about this stuff. Examine.com seems to be cautiously optimistic about it, along with a plethora of random blogs on the interwebs.

A bunch of recent quotes about it from y’all…


“The increase in AMPK will inherently suppress muscle hypertrophy in muscle cells. You can attenuate this by inducing PGC-1a (happens with intense workouts) but this also sort of suppresses AMPK in these tissues”

Don’t dose it around workouts. Otherwise, great ingredient and hope it stays around


Worth pasting this here :smiley:

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A little update here. Since my trainer made me stop taking berberine 5 days ago, I noticed that I’m a lot more gassy, and poops are a little less solid (TMI, sorry lol). So I’m fairly certain the berberine is responsible for those improvements. I’ll start taking it again after the competition for sure!

Fiber and a probiotic my friend.

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Yeah, been doing fiber. not to mention all the natural sources of fiber I’ve been eating. Gonna start probiotics after the show for sure.

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If you’ve never used a probiotic before be prepared for that “toilet experience”
" where did that $h!t come from, literally?"

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I’ve taken it before a few times, but only alongside antibiotics. I never really noticed anything. I went ahead and started taking some yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.

Evomuse Gut Health.
Take that probiotic and you will feel 100x better. Best on the market IMO


At that price, I bet :laughing:! I just need to get through Saturday, anyway.

It’s like $20 a bottle man? I don’t know why you think it’s overpriced unless your shopping in the wrong places

I know Matt the owner if you want to grab some I can get you a special discount. Hands down its the best thing I have ever did for my digestion is adding it in and using it year round. Light years difference for bloating and absorbing / processing food

Where do you get Evo Gut health for $20? It’s $32 almost everywhere I have seen.

Re-Read my last post start of the 2nd sentence:
"I know Matt the owner if you want to grab some I can get you a special discount. "

You know my email so if you are interested let me know

Also ---- If you go to the main Evomuse website you can buy a year supply at $22 a bottle which is 6 bottles. — For what the product is and does worth every penny. I can probably get it cheaper then that though maybe around $110 for 6 bottles. I would have to text/email matt if you are interested.

Anyone have thoughts on continuous supplementation of berberine? Every study I’ve read has been limited to 4 weeks. Berberine seems to be getting so much hype lately; I’m tempted to keep it in my daily stack indefinitely.

I don’t see a problem with doing that.

I’ve been hearing all lot of the benefits of continuous use

Can ya share some articles or even anecdotes? I can’t find crap beyond a few weeks’ use.

Man these are all posts from people like us from all over the ‘net. It’s all anecdotal from what i can tell

FYI: I just scored this berberine off amazon and it’s the real deal. 500mg of berberine hcl with 120 caps. I tested it lightly fasted and it crashed my blood sugar, Which gave me the excuse to dive into the box of cap’n crunch and wash it with a protein shake

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Cool! That’s the same one I recommended to my boss who was trying to lose weight.

Now the question for y’all. I started keto today, should I stop taking berberine?