GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase

GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase


@TheChadd get the insulin ready STAT

@Msseffect Warmup for a Chik-fil-A Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake and red velvet muffin…


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I still have not had that damn milkshake


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Ketchup and potatoes for the win. @GaspariDan


Booooom! That’s what I’m talking about.


The pumps were very loyal on Friday, the day after MANY carbs. Weight didn’t move a whole bunch and was at 203 lbs with the assistance of some water, I’m sure. Back to regular programming…

Easy and good tasting meal composed of white rice, ground beef, avocado, and some hot sauce. Can’t make it to the gym today because of snow which really brings down my Sundays. Time to recover and eat, I guess.


So far so good with the Glycophase in the rotation. Staying at just 203 lbs for the last couple of days which is a good sign, especially with the influx of carbohydrates that have been added.

I will add that I have been using the product in the following way -

  • 2 capsules (recommended) with what I consider “cheat” meals such as sugary treats, large quantities of bread, etc.
  • I am only using 1 capsule with just regular weekday meals that have a moderate amount of carbohydrates from sweet potato, rice, cream of rice, etc. such as before training or before bed.

This has been working very well for me. Anecdotally, I’ve been noticing better pumps in the gym from just my regular meal intake and what seems to be more muscle glycogen contributing to my workout endurance. The day after cheat meals, the vascularity is very noticeable in addition to much less bloating from big meals.

Training has been going well with weight increases on all of the progressive lifts and good pumps from accessory work. I’ll be updating this log with what I do during the workouts to give a better idea and because this is a log.



2 capsules of Glycophase and a couple of these = game over.

Although I’m not a big fan of pumps on leg day due to some restriction of movement if its really bad, big pumps & vascularity were had. Woke up at 203.3 lbs this morning with no difference in leanness. Here was my leg workout:

Barbell Back Squats 4 x 4-6
Leg Press 3 x 8-10
Romanian Deadlifts 3 x 8-10
Standing Calf Raises 5 x 12-15
Leg Extensions 3 x 8-12


Traveling at the moment but have my Glycophase with me for all of the holiday eating. Weight has still been slowly progressing with no negative body composition results to report. Will be checking back in when I get a chance to ingest some major carbohydrates.

Wishing anyone else traveling for the holidays safe journeys!


Working my way through the bottle now… My weight has fluctuated a bit which is probably due to flying and eating what was available at the time with a weigh in of 204.5 lbs. Taking two capsules of Glycophase before these ‘surprise’ meals has helped considerably with what would have otherwise bloated me up. Instead, the fullness and pumps in and after the gym are pleasing and motivating.


Sounds like some good progress. Perhaps I should grab a bottle for the New Year. Here is your log bump, I need one for my 531 pervertor and CreRiboVol as well lol!!!


Bump bump bump!


you just like saying “pervertor”


I’m going to have to agree with this as well :joy:


Exactly 50g of carbohydrates from two servings of this delicious cereal! Christmas Eve today so you know there are going to be some treats that will require Glycophase. This picture is from yesterday, and it contributed to some very much-needed glycogen for my push workout. Fullness and pumps just from the first couple of sets. This was also a fasted workout, so I know that the previous day’s meal contributed to this morning.


Props on the Puffins, the peanut butter ones are too good. Didn’t know they that pumpkin flavored ones


Haha you may be right. I thought well this program has a classic name at least.


My man! Probably their best flavor. Picked up the pumpkin ones a while back and just having them now, not bad at all.