GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase

GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase


A big thanks to @SNSJS and owner Steve (who turns out is pretty much my neighbor) for sending me over their new rendition of Glycophase! I’m a fan of GDA products in general and have paid for and used the older version of Glycophase with much enjoyment. Yes, I am very happily a Gaspari representative, but we currently do not offer a GDA product - no bias here.

A brief introduction…

  • Happily with Gaspari Nutrition for 2+ years
  • Early to mid 20s y.o.
  • Graduated with Masters in Public Health last Spring
  • Working but planning on applying for PhD program in the future
  • Big fan of competitive bodybuilding
  • Big fan of supplementation & training
  • Desire to formulate products in the future

For this log, I will unfortunately not be using a blood glucose meter. While this would be impressive and does help show empirical results from the product, I 1. do not own a device 2. think its unnecessary for what I’m trying to accomplish with this log.

Basically, I will be introducing Glycophase this coming week with high-carbohydrate meals along with meticulously tracking weight. This is done in my caloric surplus phase, so the introduction of a GDA should mitigate the potential fat gain and instead, partition the nutrients into the muscle. I am roughly ~300 calories above my TDEE for maintenance, putting me at 3500 daily calories. I am fairly lean at this point (202 lbs, 5’11") and believe that Glycophase should continue this trajectory especially with the introduction of more calories as time goes on.

If you are curious about the ingredient profile and specifically what GDA products accomplish, check out the video @PricePlow published below.

Thank you for reading and following along!


Looking forward to seeing what comes of this!


This should be good.


but are we (Gaspari) happy with you?


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Doug cracks me up lol


@Nappy_Nerd @Christianmelon thanks for checking in, fellas!

@Dougefresh93 That’s a good question… @Big_Spaz??


In. Bought 3 bottle of Glycophase Black Friday and have yet to try it. I’ve been a long time C&P Predator user.


In on this! Have yet to try a GDA.


Please use it before Size On and report back


Fresh out. :tired_face:


One of my typical later meals in the day. Some veggies, chicken breast, and lots of potatoes with ‘diet’ ketchup. Not a lot of fat and pretty carbohydrate heavy, so this was a good opportunity to test out that new-new!

Upon wakeup… no pump, relaxed, noticeable vascularity which isn’t 100% present regularly unless I’ve been doing upper body training. Weight hasn’t moved much, at about 202.5 lbs right now but the calories will increase as I go. Time to hit some legs today. :sunglasses:


ketchup is total shit.


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Seriously, who can dislike ketchup? I have a baked potato with ketchup at least once a day.
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salt pepper hot sauce and the world is yours.

i feel bad for those with 3rd world taste buds :slight_smile:

do you actually bake the potato so the skin is crispy, or microwave it?


I’m easily satisfied. I think steamed broccoli tastes good!


you and Dan will get along great then.


I heard that GDA’s are more (only?) effective with simple sugars, not complex carbs. No?


I’ve taken them with oatmeal and sweet potato. Still works great, but the effects aren’t as fast because the digestion rate of said carbs.