GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase

GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase


This is true and partly the reason why a lot of companies market GDAs as products to offset cheat meals, but the maintenance/increase in insulin sensitivity is still realized with different sources of carbohydrates


Yeah, that’s what I figured. I take a combo of beberine and banaba before carb meals “just in case”. :smiley:


He was the best man in my wedding.


seafood or beef?


ftfy :wink:




@Matt_Towson and it was a beautiful wedding.

@TheChadd @Dougefresh93 The scoring adds +5 to taste

Also - excellent leg workout today. Squats felt like $$$


Those pics look oddly familiar. It’s as though someone microwaves their meat or fish choices like a punk bitch.


Almost as odd as a lil bitch without an avatar :wink:. Love ya



Don’t make me walk to your dorm and slap a bitch :slight_smile:


don’t think those toothpick like legs of yours can make it that far.


@Adidasshorts @Dougefresh93


how i remove moo from my bench at the gym.



Two capsules of Glycophase + these puppies going down today (Cheat day/off-gym day).


Full out recovery and glycogen replenishment day!


Yes sir! Tomorrow’s workout is going to be something special.


I think I went full Type II just looking at them beauties


Only 5 though? That’s a light snack for my man @TheSolution