GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase

GaspariDan logs SNS Glycophase


I ate yesterday… and ate… and ate. Weigh-in today at 208.2 :grimacing:


My weight is up 5lbs…

I probably should have been somewhat mindful. Probably ate 5000 calories of sweets alone on Christmas (and another 5000 on Christmas Eve).

Abs are still happy!


Probably all water weight from the fun foods haha. I’m up about 6lbs but muscle bellies are full and happy with the pump at the gym right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Matt_Towson Same here, ALL sweets. My pancreas hates me.

@Nappy_Nerd I’ll go with that haha. Today’s back/bi workout was excellent so I know those shuttled carbs helped out!


Yezzir! Think about it for a second though…you honestly think you put on 6lbs of fat overnight? Nah son, just get back to the routine and it’ll come back off. I’m already seeing mine shed


I certainly don’t think it was all fat, but just feeling like a water buffalo is a little disconcerting the day of. It’ll all go away in a day or two as you said


Back down to 206.2. Workouts have been really good lately and I’m fairly sure that the Glycophase is responsible from being administered the day before. Feeling strong on all of my lifts and slowly progressing while its gaining season.

Something interesting to note - I almost want to say that some people do not ‘respond’ well to GDA products almost like creatine in some instances. I’m the opposite, huge difference since I’ve added these supplements in the mix.


I have been using Glycophase for the past 5 days and I have been pooping with an hour or and hour and a half after taking the 2pills and having my meal.
Honestly, this happens after start taking Glycophase, so I’m not sure if it is because of it .

Is anyone experiencing the same thing?


Just got back after three week vacation… updates imminent. Weight down to 205.2

@EyadGaroot its possible that your digestive system is functioning more efficiently. One of the touted benefits from GDAs is non-bloating from otherwise heavy and slow-digesting meals.


Ha! Thought I was the only one. Yes, I’ve been experiencing that as well, and exactly the same as you


@EyadGaroot @Anthony

Pretty interesting summary of Berberine and the intestinal tract…


It could be the Agmatine. Some people don’t handle it well. Or like Mr. Dan said below, Berberine can cause this as well. All in all, I don’t mind a little extra…drop off, if you will


Nice and easy leg workout yesterday after getting back into town. Diet routine back in effect which I like - four meals with about 900 calories each. Took two capsules of Glycophase with my preworkout meal consisting of a blueberry Thomas bagel (54g carbohydrates) and a scoop of Gaspari Glycofuse (25g carbohydrates) during. Didn’t want too many carbs, and also don’t take any pump-type preworkout products for leg day.

Doing another weigh-in soon after adjusting to the regular diet to see where I’m at. Loving the fullness and gym pumps from Glycophase in addition to the non-bloating help with big meals.


Nearing the end here, my friends. Weight has slowly gone up since the start of the Glycophase bottle with no noticeable fat gain. Anecdotally, I’ve noticed much more fullness in the gym and just better sessions in general.

Going to be eating a lot of carbohydrates today so we’ll get a couple servings in!