Chadd's First Bodybuilding Competition Log

Chadd's First Bodybuilding Competition Log


Thanks, man! I’ll be posting more as the photos and videos roll in! @cj did some amazing work


Alright folks. Finally starting to get some media in from the show. Here’s some videos! I’ll start posting photos once I get all those in, too.

Pre-Judging Initial Posing

Pre-Judging Manadatories

Evening Show Routine


FINALLY received copies of my DXA scan!

CM1.pdf (420.4 KB)
CM2.pdf (177.7 KB)

Still waiting for the goddamn show photos from the photographer.



I managed to extract my weight data from my trainer app (trainerize). Looks like I lost an average of a quarter pound per day during my shred.


Here are a couple “teaser videos” from my photo shoot with @CJ 4 days before the show. He did some amazing work on them! I’ll be posting the photo shoot photos once I get them all in, too.


What was your meal plan through this?


I followed IIFYM (if it fits your macros) through the shred. My earlier posts list the changes in macros and total calories over time. As for what specifically was I eating? When I was down to 1520 calories the last few weeks, my meals would look something like this.

My wife would lovingly :heart: prep a week’s worth of the chicken rice for my lunches. My breakfast was pretty consistent, too, with kale/berry smoothie and eggs (and sometimes bread/butter if I could fit them in). Dinner varied a lot, but was almost always a lean meat and a veg.


That doesn’t look horrible actually. But you gotta be a slave to the food scale for sure!!


My wife did not like my meal prep, but she was a trooper throughout the shred. Everything I ate was weighed/measured for sure!


Finally got some show photos!


Damn, insane definition on your back


Thanks man!


Congrats man, that’s absolutely epic!!


Thanks, Mike! :muscle: