Chadd's First Bodybuilding Competition Log

Chadd's First Bodybuilding Competition Log


Almost show time, folks! @CJ did an awesome job at my photo shoot this week. I cannot wait to see the results! In the meantime, check out some footage from my shoot in his vlog. If you are short on time, I come in around 9:23. More to come after the show!


Looking good Chad!


WOW! This log is epic, a full on transformation! Your trainer lead you very successfully and you obviously completely committed! Good luck with the show but by the looks of it, you may not need any.


Thanks, guys!


Just got back from check-in, weight-in, and polygraph. I almost failed the poly asking about performance drug use and whatnot. She said I “barely squeaked by” on the re-run. I always knew polygraphs are bunk, and was concerned that they would get false positives with my anxiety. Oh well, that’s all done. Time to focus on the show!


Is this a natural league/federation?




It’s show day! Back stage this morning waiting for the all-athlete meeting.


Best of luck man!



Gotta get some carbs and salt in 2 hours before judging. :laughing:


The best advice I can give you as a fellow competitor.

Take notes on the following things:

  • Your digestion throughout the day (if you get bloated you know the sources you are using are not meant for you, and not optimal for absorption to help you fill out)

  • How good is your pump!? If it is off your sodium or potassium was off in your peak week plan

  • How much water you drank? This is HUGE, because so many competitors short change themself. Remember water is essential to transport nutrients throughout the body and help you fill out and look your best.

    *** How did you look upon waking?
    *** How did you look a few hours before prejudge?
    *** How did you look on stage for pre judge?
    *** How did you look before night show and after night show?

  • Are you Flat? Did you spill?

  • Use the mirror every hour, and make adjustments on the fly if you are not filling out, not getting a pump you know you are lacking either water, sodium, or enough food to help you achieve this

These are all guidelines to help you understand how much you need, what worked, what did not work, and what adjustments need to be made for future competitions.


Good luck man, and thanks for the great log along the way!


Final touches before show time!


Pre judging done. Enjoying a cinnamon crunch MyBar now (thanks @TheSolution)


My wife got some shots. I’ll post better ones when I get them.


Amazing work man. Long difficult journey, I’m sure.


Good job and good luck.


@customshopkv1 You got a sampler bottle to send out by chance? Now that I’m done with my competition, I’m ready to try it out :smiley:



Shoot me your name, addy, phone and email and I’ll ship you a bottle.


This was an awesome vid my man!