Your Current Routine

I don’t believe there is a post about this yet. If so, I apologize but i was wondering what everyone’s current training routine/split looks like.

I am currently doing a 4 day split. Goes as follows:

Monday - Chest/Triceps
Tuesday Legs/Calves
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Back/Shoulders/Biceps
Friday - Chest/Triceps
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off

Next week goes as follows:
Monday - Legs / Calves
Tuesday - Back/Shoulders/Biceps
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Chest/ Triceps
Friday - Legs/ Calves

So the next week you would start back. I think you get the sequence on this.

As for sets, I mix heavy weight/low reps along with higher reps and one set of time under tension.
Abs are done on chest days
Cardio is done 3 times a week, 15 minutes HIIT

A sample chest routine for this program is like this…

Chest / Tricep Day - Rotator Cuff warmup and a few warm up sets first

Bench Press - 3 sets ( Heavy) - Reps 8, 6, 5
Hammer Strength Chest Press - 3 sets 7-9 Reps
DB Incline Press - 4 sets of 10 reps plus 1 set of Time under tension 1 x7 reps with a 6 second negative
Pec Deck - 4 sets of 10-12

Close Grip Bench - 3 sets Reps, 8,6, 5
Pushdowns - 4 sets of 10 reps, 1 set of 7 reps with a 6 second negative
1 Arm Tricep Extensiion 4 x 10-12 reps

All other workout days follow the same type of sets and rep ranges


Don’t know what it says after “Friday”??? Never heard of that muscle group


In all seriousness, here’s mine:

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Back & Shoulders
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Chest
Saturday: Back & Shoulders
Sunday: Legs

Perhaps many argue that training everyday isn’t optimal, but I’m not only full energy every day, I love doing it. If I get to a point where I’m sick of it, I take a week off. Regardless, I eat sufficient calories and protein, supplement smart (except maybe with stims) and get anywhere from 8-12 hours of sleep for recovery. It’s nice to be young

Working out a new routine after watching Jeff at AthleanX… and lots of Adderal. Lots.

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Like I’ve mentioned, I’m all upperbody lately because of some foot injuries, so I’m taking this as an opportunity to try to force some size onto my lagging top half. Every day is a bench and a row, and then some bodybuilding type stuff.

ABxABxABxABx etc

A, kind of an arms day:

  • Heavy/Supramaximal bench, either pin press or spoto press or just competition doubles or something
  • Some variation of lighter high-volume rows. I like the high row Hammer Strength machines, get a great lat stretch on those.
  • Superset #1, Meadows-style cross-body hammer curls / LTEs
  • Superset #2, EZ curls / tricep pushdown or dip machine (actual dips give me shoulder boneitis)
  • Superset #3, resisted dorsiflexion for ankle rehab / abs, I like leg raises

B, kind of a back and shoulders day

  • Light incline bench for volume, either BB or DB, superset with lightweight lat pullovers to get them warmed up and activating for what’s next
  • Some sort of absurd heavy-ass row. My new gym has a landmine, been having a lot of fun with maximal landmine rows, triples and fahves
  • Superset #1 (#2 technically?) lateral raises / facepulls
  • Superset #2, upright rows / more rotator cuff work or another row variation, depending
  • Superset #3, resisted dorsiflexion / abs, preferably something different than I did on A (but probably not, leg raises are fun)

Wait till you are 48 like me. You will learn to appreciate your rest days. :slight_smile:
You grow outside the gym, not inside it.

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Monday: Upper
Tuesday: Lower
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: Upper
Friday: Lower
Sat: rest
Sun: rest

Current routine. I switch up every 3-4m

Currently on a 5 day training/nutrition cycle:
Day 1 - High Carb - Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps
Day 2 - High Carb - Chest
Day 3 - Low Carb - Legs/Calves
Day 4 - Low Carb - Back
Day 5 - Low Carb - Cardio

Eating 5x a day right now. Fasted cardio/training since I workout at 530am.
Meal 1 - 7a
Meat 2 - 10a
Meal 3 - 1p
Meal 4 - 4p
Meal 5 - 7p

Supplements (mostly @RedCon1 ((shocking)) :
Upon waking - GI Juice + 1tps of Apple Cider Vineagar
PreWorkout - 2x Halo, 4x Silencer, 1x Shredabull, MOAB, SleeveBuster and Pink Salt
Intraworkout - Breach/Tango
Post Workout - 1.5 scoops Isotope w/ cream of wheat (meal 1), Met Kit(1 pk) and 3x Boom Stick and 1 serv of Grunt.
Post Meal 3 - 3x boom stick
5pm - 1 can of Bang or 1 scoop Double Tap (to get me through ATX traffic lol)
930pm - 3x boom stick, 2x halo, 4x silencer, 1 serving of Fade Out (every 2-3 days)

I take 2 non RC1 products and here is why: For me when trying to cut fat, DT doesnt work well for my body. I have done thermos in the past that work extremely well for my workout style and decided that Shreadabull by ProjectAD was the best choice. Diet is #1 when trying to cut fat but imo, a good thermo will accelerate the process. Sleevebuster (Iron Addicts) was formulated by Eric Hart as well and just hits me better pump wise than Big Noise. I do take BN on leg days. I do love DT and BN but currently are secondary supplements. DT as a coffee replacement at 5pm and BN just on leg days.

Currently I am down 8lbs and 2.5% BF. Still have 4 more weeks to go on this as well.


Surprised no total war in there. Is that due to the stim content of Shredabull?

I can do TW on my High Carb days if I choose so sometimes I do and sometimes I just stick to the shredabull. The shredabull is 495mg of a stim so it is much higher than TW.

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Monday: Push/pull
Tuesday: BMX
Wednesday: Push/pull
Thursday: BMX
Friday: Push/pull
Saturday: BMX, arms (bi’s tri’s delts)
Sunday: BMX or maybe rest if I feel over trained

I’ve graduated from AthleanX2 to their Athlean NXT program (monthly training programs). I’m in the ‘Hurricane Hypertrophy’ phase…

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Lots of compound lifts and accessory supersets.

Monday: Overhead Press + Upper back and arms accessory work
Tuesday: Squat + Legs and core accessory work
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Bench Press + Chest and arms accessory work
Friday: Deadlift + Leg and lower back accessory work
Rest weekends

May switch it up in the future here.

What do you consider upper vs lower back? Traps & rhomboids vs lats and erector spinae? Interested to hear

Personally I like hitting my rhomboid major separately from my rhomboid minor, feel like I can get a better overload that way :v: :sunglasses:

Upper back stuff is mostly pull-ups, lat pulldowns, face pulls, etc, lower back is more back extensions and posterior chain/core work. I just wanted to give a simple description in my post but I realize I was a bit more vague than I wanted to be!