Welcome to the PricePlow Forums!

Welcome to the PricePlow Forum!

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  • Forum threads are called topics.

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Welcome everyone! Happy to see the PricePlow forum up and running. Well done Mike! I know this has been a painful struggle for you. Can’t wait to see it grow.


Thanks Devin!!! I see it’s working, great to have you in. Congratulations as our first responding user. I’ll have to send you a prize soon.

Note that I had some “personal stuff” come up along the way, and recorded a long video about it that I’ll probably publish tonight if I have time.

The longer story with this is that I chose the wrong technology a year ago and had to start over. So here we are. Hope it works out!!


Looking forward to the video!

Since technically this is your second attempt at building the forum, it will be amazing and function perfectly, right? :grinning:


Depending on my current level of cynisism, we’ll be bouncing between “Nothing ever works, ever” and “The last 10% takes 90% of the time” :wink:

The video is the most personal thing I’ve ever posted, and I’m kinda shy about that stuff. I prefer the channel to be about the products and the guys’ journeys, not me. But once in a while I can drop one.


Things are looking up for Priceplow. A forum is just what it needed.

I just finished transferring and adding framework on a high school database and website for someone so I know the massive headache this can bring.

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Nice man. Moving from Disqus was a pain, but well worth it. I wanted something where the blog comments could integrate with the forum.

Disqus started auto-playing videos with audio on them in their ad system - and wanted hundreds per month to make that go away. Helllll no… that’s how you lose someone for life.

Soon we’ll start expanding invites and all that. I’m making sure it actually operates properly first!


Awesome, just let us know if you need anything tested!

Nice to See PricePlow get their forum up! Gotta get used to this as it’s quite different from the forum I’m used to


Thanks for having me Mike!:doughnut:

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Sweet! Thanks for the invite Mike! Excited to represent NutraBio on here.

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REPS: Notice how @Extrabeef’s marked on Team NutraBio, and we have a NutraBio logo in the bottom-right of his Avatar to show that too.

If you’re a rep, hit me up and we’ll get a group going for you too.

Also cool: We can mention @NutraBio itself and it’ll ping everyone on the team (for now that’s just Extrabeef but it’ll probably grow).

Oh man, this is going to be GREAT for my productivity

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Teams can elect to turn of group notifications if you don’t want rando’s buzzin ya. That may need to happen over time.

I usually don’t let sites use notifications on me, but if you do occasionally want them, there might be a good Chrome extension to queue up notifications and only let them in once per hour or something like that.

You can also change your email settings in your profile area.

lmao! I appreciate it for now.

When Priceplow is the premier forums I’ll look into that stuff

Thanks for the forum and allowing me to join.

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It’s been too long waiting for a forum on here! Finally! Great works guys!


Thanks for the add guys, I have a feeling this forum is the future of all fitness and supplement related forums much like how EliteFitness and AnabolicMinds! Can’t wait to see this grow!

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