How to Use the PricePlow Forum

Welcome to PricePlow’s Forum! As you can see, this ain’t no vBulletin forum – we’re using Discourse software.

Here’s some help:

  1. Reading

    • Selecting a topic title will always take you to your last read post in the topic.

      You can always enter the beginning of the thread by clicking on the reply count.

    • Topics above the light red line are new or updated since your last visit.

      If you've already read the entire topic, its title will be light grey instead of black.

  2. Replying

    Press any image Reply button to open the editor panel down below.

    You can resize or minimize it to save room. Drafts are auto-saved.

    • But quote the comment you're replying to!

      To insert a quote, select the text you wish to quote, then press the Quote button that pops up. Repeat for multiple quotes.

    • Shout-Outs with the @ Character!

      To notify someone about your reply, mention their name with @ and then type their username.

      Example: @PricePlowStaff

  3. All Kinds of Text Supported

    You can use simple HTML, BBCode, or Markdown.

    Examples of each:

    This is <b>bold</b>.
    This is [b]bold[/b].
    This is **bold**.
  4. Your Settings


    Change your avatar and settings at the top-right.

    You can also see the search up there.

  5. Liking and Flagging

    Give feedback!

    • If you LIKE a post, then give it the thumbs up:


    • Use the button to show more actions like the FLAG button. This privately lets either the author or site staff know about a problem.
  6. Tracking Important Topics

    We turn on notifications for topics you've created or replied in.

    You can set notifications for any topic though:

Now you’re ready to rock! Read the rules if you haven’t yet, and then head back to the PricePlow Forum to get started!


@PricePlowStaff I have a noob question. Having trouble figuring out how to personal/direct message members on this forum. Looking for info on how to do that but haven’t found it yet.

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Nevermind. Hadn’t attained “Basic” status yet. LOL :joy:

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Oh dang. I need to tone down some of these aggressive settings. That stuff might make sense for BBcom or something but not us yet


You ever thought about adding a signature feature on here ?

FAQ 6:
No automated signatures.

If anyone cares about you, they can click on your profile.

Ha, yeah why do people want signatures? Seems to just lower the signal-to-noise ratio. We can always change your title, like we do with brand Reps.


People use signatures as a way to classify if they are a rep for a company or any affiliation with a brand in the industry. Many people write "Olympus Labs Rep, Mod @ PricePlow, Cellucor Affiliate etc… This way if people have questions pertaining to those companies you can tag or direct them to their attention.

We have this with our Groups feature. You get your company’s logo by your avatar and the company next to your username. And then people can tag everyone in a group too, if there’s a question specifically for a company, for instance.