Vaso and NItric Oxide

Vaso and NItric Oxide


What is considered More effective at both Vasodilation and NItric Oxide flow if given the choice of A) an 8 gram dose of Citruline Malate or B) Clinical dose of Agmantine?
Until some clarification, I’ll keep em both in my morning cocktail until the weight of the women in my “Veinz” fan club becomes too much to handle.


Smarter people than me can answer but Vaso-6 is pretty good


Thanks for reply, will be doing some homework on the vaso6.


L-citrulline at ~6g, don’t even mess with malic acid if N.O. is the only goal. Agmatine is a great ingredient (blood glucose metabolism, pain reduction, etc.) but I prefer other ingredients for nitric oxide purposes.


Citrulline 100%. It actually enhances the pump. Agmatine as an arginase inhibitor will only prolong and sustain pumps


Between the two Citrulline

My personal favorite is arginine with some Citrulline but that isn’t always viable.
Long story short on that, citrulline needs to convert into arginine, which it does fairly well, but not perfectly, arginine skips this step, but due to arginase doesn’t get into the blood very well, the key to fixing this is to combine it with an arginase inhibitor, like citruline. The other benefit to this is because they have different intestinal transporters they don’t get in the way of each other.


There are actually some studies showing that the combination of citrulline and arginine is superior to citrulline alone (and we know that citrulline alone is superior to arginine alone), so you do have a point here. Of course, nitrates and Vaso 6 are also solid options, but that wasn’t the question haha.