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Post your current supplement stacks, explain what you have and why


Current nootropic stack
Pro-drug of urdine and choline, increases choline levels and dopamine receptors, bit pricey but effective
Best cheap source of choline, seems to have benefits for the skin as well
Vitamin D
Interestingly up-regulates dopamine receptors, and in general is good to supplement.
Fish oil
The company behind it is new but seems good, they have allot of sales on their email list, primarily for products that I am not interested in sadly. Fish oil itself is good in general.
Interesting compound, between the 2 extracts KSM-66 seems like the better overall extract. Mainly good for stress. All of these I got on sale
There is some interesting research on the gut microbiome, and this was cheap.
Bacopa monnieri
A good nootropic for the long game, decreases anxiety short term, memory long term.
Rhodiola rosea
This one looks like the best bang for your buck having benefits for vo2 max, fatigue, serotonin production and cognition, effective at much lower doses and very cost effective.


This will be fun! Let me preface if I may.

I do not “need” any of these supps. I do believe a good whey protein and creatine would be my two “must have supps” if money was an issue. I try to cover my bases through food, as I’m sure most of us do.

Here we go!

I am not a HUGE supplement guy but I do enjoy trying new things. I get sent various things (credit to Cellucor and credit to Dymatize) products to try. This lets me have the luxury of owning things such as BCAAs or multiple proteins at any given time.


Ghost Whey:
The most recent addition, Peanut Butter Cereal Milk is the bomb. I love it for an anytime protein.

Ghost Size:
Another new addition (thank you GNC sale) to my stack. I recently finished my Kaged Muscle Creatine HCl and wanted to try something new. Since this product has a full yield of 5g, I figured I would see if it made any noticeable difference at all. I struggle to digest only creatine monohydrate, so the blend of HCl is appreciated

Ghost Amino:
It’s an amino acid product. Mostly BCAAs with a few added goodies. I’ll mix aminos with creatine for my intra-workout drink.

Dymatize ISO-100:
Chocolate Peanut Butter for the win. 110 calories of hydolyzed protein isolate with an incredible taste. What isn’t to like?

Dymatize PRE W.O.:
I don’t normally use pre-workout, but for the heavy leg or back days, this helps a ton!

Cellucor Alpha Amino Ultimate:
Awesome intra-workout! Has BCAAs, a small dose of Creatine HCl, electrolytes and HMB (which I believe makes a noticeable improvement to my CNS recovery). I recommend Tiger’s Blood or Blue Lemonade. Excellent product.

I cycle this bad boy for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. It improves my sleep, cortisol levels (based on my perception of water weight and ability to sleep). Wife and I have been trying to start a family so any herbs to boost sperm quality/motility is appreciated too.

Super Omega 3-6-9:
To cover my bases with fats. I normally get eggs everyday and peanut or olive oil every day, along with fats from lean chicken and lean (96/4) ground beef. To cover my fat bases - I supplement with this bad boy.

SAN Sport - Green Supreme Fusion:
This is multivitamin/greens/probiotic/digestive enzyme product. Each tub comes with thirty servings (2 scoops). I only use one scoop, to cover my vitamin bases since I eat 3 servings of greens and berries a day. Normally, my vitamin needs aren’t ever in danger - but this helps cover them on days where I miss. I add some Optimum Nutrition Fitness Fiber with this and one tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar. This helps keep me regular too…TMI? Oh well!

Finally - but equally important, my trusty shakers. I have six or so at any given time, but these two are getting most of the reps lately. Being a Dymatize product tester, they give me a few of these every few weeks:


I know I know ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’…but I’m too lazy to get up from my desk and organize it all…

Pre: Controlled Labs WhiteFlash
Intra: Primeval Labs IntraCell7
Post: PE Science Cookies and Cream
Other Proteins on hand: Ghost Coffee Ice Cream and Iso-100 Orange Creamsicle

Multi: Legion Athletics Multi
Fish Oil: Controlled Labs OxiMega
HPN PA7 daily
Primeval Labs Primalog daily (only 3 capsules)
EAA Max or HumaPro on off-days (Just for the taste bruh)
Nootropic: Controlled Labs Brainwash (occasionally) and Onnit Alpha Brain


I don’t feel like going into everything but the Performix protein is honestly one of the best vanillas I’ve ever had. It’s awesome. Been using OG Kraken this week.


Just need to take a small loan out for that Iridium :grin:


That was given to me for free. Might be the most outrageous price I’ve ever seen :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Orange Triad: Good multi + probiotic + joint complex.

Irwin Naturals Prosta-Strong: Not only is it good for my fancy bits, but a small number of men who take ADHD medication experience an enlarged prostate as a side effect, especially those of us who consume caffeine. Switching to decaf in the mornings + prosta-strong has been great for me. Especially helpful with a history of prostate cancer in my family.

Vitamin D3: It’s vitamin D3 mothafucka, you need it when you live somewhere without sun

Fish oil: it’s fish oil mothafucka, you need it if you don’t eat a lot of fish

Whatever greens supplement I find on sale: I eat a good amount of fruits and veggies but this fills in the gaps.

Revolving door of pre-workouts and protein blends. Right now I’ve got MAN Clean Protein and a 10lb box of Dymatize Vanilla I got at Grocery Outlet for $20.

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Nice stack @Christianmelon No Pre? Or is that a separate thing for you?

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This is just the nootropic stack.
My preworkouts and endorush and quake 10.0 at the moment, with a bulk bag of Citrulline malate as a daily supplement and a bottle of peak SX-7(variant of peak atp) which I occasionally use before working out.

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Ah never tried bulk Citrulline Malate, but I’ve considered it. Do you mix it in with your pre, or take separately? And how does it affect flavor, since I imagine it’s sour with that Malic acid


Bulk Citrulline malate in terms of difficulty to take is a 1/5, it does affect flavor to a small degree making it taste more sour and adding acidity to what ever you are drinking but does not make most drinks taste bad and can be taken everyday with few problems.

Something like arginine is a 4.5/5 due to the alkalinity causing it to taste horrid, and even if you neutralize it with something acidic it still has a bad aftertaste(becoming a 2.5ish).

Bulk beta alanine is a 0 as it has almost no taste in another drink(even water) and only a minor taste on its own, that said the tingles are annoying.


I won’t post mine. It may not be approved by the legal authorities…LOL


Those rats must be jacked.


Working on it…:slight_smile:

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I love how citruline malate sours up my homemade pre! Goes great with whatever “juice” flavoring you use (e.g. gatorade powder, Mio drops, etc…). Plus it mixes easily, and keeps a pretty long time without going bad.

I’ll post my stack soon.

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I like how some of you think. Ash and RR crew and for some years now.

If I could only use one or two supplements, that would be the two.

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I have to ask…what are those?

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Ashwaghanda and rhodiola rosea

They’re adaptogens, although RR may not be listed as one


Ohhhhh…got it…thank you