Spartan Whey “Cookies and Cream” Review

Spartan Whey “Cookies and Cream” Review

Spartan Whey “Cookies & Cream” Review:

Let me preface by stating I made a video for this – but I am unable to upload it (if anyone has support for this – let me know. Maybe I am just limited to image files…).

@Anthony wrote up a review the other day which was great. I wanted to share some of my thoughts. For anyone who wants to try Spartan Whey, you will want to read this review. :wink:

I ordered this from Amazon at 10:00am yesterday and the package arrived on my porch at 4:00pm the same day. Premium Wholesale is the only seller on Amazon selling Spartan Whey and Amazon Prime members do not pay shipping - so buying via Amazon ended up saving me money and I received the delivery within 6 hours of ordering.

The hype has been high for this product. The bar was ridiculous concerning the rumblings for its taste, label transparency and quality.

I’ll start with the label:

  1. The Nutrition Content is pretty standard for a blended protein. 132 calories / 2g carbs / 25.5g protein / 2g of fat. Equally exciting, is there is only 1g of sugar. Considering the taste, that 1g of sugar is very impressive.
  2. The Protein Blend is what got me excited: Whey Protein Isolate (WPI 90) = 12.2g / Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC 80) = 13.1g / Micellar Casein = 6.0g. The ratio for the blend is great to supply a steady stream of amino acids at a fast and medium level for digestion
  3. The Amino Acid Profile per Serving is listed on the label. This is one of the most important factors to me when I buy protein. Nobody wants to be a victim of amino spiking and Sparta listed out the profile which shows the integrity of the product and the company. The BCAAs are spot on with 2:1 ratio and the entire profile is very competitive. Sparta, thank you for this.


This is where it gets fun. The smell hit me once I opened the tub. It was crumbled chocolate cookie goodness mixed with a creme sweetness. I swear, it smelled like someone crumbled a handful of Oreos with a Starbucks Vanilla Latte.
Then…it got better. Those chunks in the picture below are cookie crumbles in the scoop of protein. They are loaded throughout the entire tub!

To test out the protein, I mixed 1 scoop in a shaker with the recommended 6-8oz of water. I made another where I blended 6oz of Cashew Milk with a few ice cubes and 1 scoop of Spartan Whey to make a milkshake. I go big and enjoy my protein shakes in style…

The glass on the left is Spartan Whey blended with cashew milk and ice.
The glass on the right is mixed with water.

The smell was even better after shaking and blending. I tried both and much to my own disbelief, Spartan Whey CnC beat MTS CnC.

I tried it multiple times to make sure. I am a Texas guy. Bluebell Ice Cream is pretty popular here and this protein tastes EXACTLY like Bluebell Cookies and Cream Ice Cream! There is a rich aroma of vanilla ice cream and the taste is equally magnificent. After a second, the chocolate cookie bits become noticeable and you feel like you just took a bite of vanilla ice cream with crumbled Oreos on top!

The consistency is the perfect combination of smoothness and creaminess. Blended with cashew milk, it reminded me of a Chickfila cookies and cream milkshake.

My expectations were very high and Spartan Whey delivered. This is the #1 CnC protein I have ever had (MTS, Cellucor, PES, Iso-100, BSN, Quest, MP, EVL, and others).

Overall Thoughts:

  1. As a consumer, the most important quality I look for in a protein powder is label transparency. The second most important quality I look for is a reasonable calorie/macro nutrient profile. Third is taste. This Protein Powder hit the trifecta. I made two more after my first experience to make sure I was not being too enthusiastic. Spartan Whey is the real deal.
  2. The texture and consistency of this product are equally impressive. Everyone has a different preference for protein shakes, but I enjoy a medium level of creaminess. I dislike watery shakes and equally dislike super thick shakes, unless it is blended with ice and milk to make a genuine milkshake alternative.
  3. This goes into my Top 3 Protein Powders list on taste alone. The label transparency makes it that much sweeter.
  4. This protein tastes like Bluebell Cookies and Cream Ice Cream…that is arguably my single biggest takeaway. This protein is a winner.
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Amazing review! So do you prefer it mixed with milk or water more? Or are they equally good, but just different?

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I really want to try this out. I may have to invest when payday comes around


I definitely preferred almond milk, because it amplifies the creaminess better than water. Milk or Water, they were both phenomenal. I’m curious to see what your prefer!

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I was questionable because of the price but I’d encourage people to try it if they have money to spend. The label transparency and clean profile made me give it a go.

The taste is an awesome bonus!

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@Matt_Towson Do you live next door to the distribution center? 6 hour delivery :flushed:

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Hah - Frisco, TX (20miles north of Dallas).

We have an amazon distribution center over here. :slight_smile:

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Sparta’s website has a 1 hour flash sale right now. Code ig15 gets you 15% off anything in store.

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Not sure if people realize how many Amazon were houses there are. I worked at Amazon through a staffing agency in Indiana. There were literally 5 of them in the Indianapolis area.


I feel like there isn’t one in AZ :joy:

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Now that’s a review! Thanks for posting it here.

PM me your address so I can ship you some random CJ stash supps!


So I got my Spartan Whey in the mail yesterday, which I was swayed into buying due to the great reviews posted by @Matt_Towson and @Anthony. We’ve all seen flavors be over hyped, but my lord, believe this hype. It was amazing, very flavorful and not too heavy. Taste like a cnc milkshake, this goes to the top of my list. I got the Blueberry Muffin as well, which I will review tomorrow. Amazing job by Sparta Nutrition

@Matt_Towson @Anthony thanks for not letting me down lol. Now if someone could buy the Vanilla and Chocolate :grin:


My man! I hate over-hype but I felt it was warranted for this product!

I’m working to get some more tubs. At which point, I’ll send out samples of each flavor to our PricePlow peeps!


Does anyone know if they’re going to have samples available?


I asked them and they said it will be a while. :confused:

Hopefully they will entertain my request for some tubs and I can send everyone some samples. : )


So PJ Braun was wrong, it’s very easy to copy ISO Cream.

6oz of NSA Ice Cream Base
100 cals
4g fat
12g carbs
3g Protein

Spartan Whey CNC
132 cals
2g fat
2g carbs
25.5g Protein

Mixed and blasted this bad boy with Nitrogen. Ice cream in 3 minutes.


Oh shit, I forgot I still have my Freezinda samples. Gonna try that out with this stuff

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How do the Freezindas come out? I figured they be more icy since it’s water and you’re freezing it in the freezer

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Haven’t tried one yet, but I’ll let you know!

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Sad news. I spoke with the president of Sparta Nutrition and they won’t send us individuals servings until they manufacture sample packets of Spartan Whey.

However, I was offered a 50% coupon code. So if anyone wants to come together and grab a tub or more, shoot me a direct message!