SAMe - My 30 day trial

I decided to try out SAMe for 30 days, 400 mg 2x/day, to see if it would help my stress/anxiety like all the studies suggest. I was taking Now Foods brand. I just finished the bottle a few days ago.

Changes in Mood / Stress / Anxiety (or lack thereof)

I did not observe any impact to my mood, stress, or anxiety. if there was any change that was unnoticeable to me or my wife, it definitely wouldn’t rationalize the $40/month price point.


A couple days after going off the SAMe, I noticed that I was in an extremely shitty mood. Everything pissed me off, had a chip on shoulder…a real treat to be around :stuck_out_tongue:. I cannot definitively attribute swing in moods to going off the SAMe, but it was certainly a coincidence. Also, I would find it hard to believe that something that had no observable impact to my behavior would cause such withdrawals. The good news is that I am feeling much better today.

note: my body’s resistance to nootropics?

It’s worth noting that I have tried or am trying a plethora of nootropics that apparently have no impact to my mood/stress/anxiety. So maybe it’s just me?

Anyone else have anecdotal experience with SAMe? Which brand did you take? How did it go while you were on it? Did you experience withdrawals when you went off it?