RXS RADIATE: Thermogenic/PWO Hybrid

Hi everybody, I am the Founder/CEO OF RXS Supplements. If you haven’t had a chance to try Radiate (our Thermogenic/PWO hybrid) yet, shoot me an private message and I’ll get some sent out to you! If you have any questions about the product or us in general you can ask them here as well.


I’m definitely down to give this a shot. I’ve seen pretty great reviews at other places on the web and have been very curious myself. I’ll send a PM.


Samples coming your way brotha!!

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This stuff is legit good! Will be getting full sized tubs soon

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Awesome, thanks for doing this!! Tried to pin the topic for a day.

CJ absolutely loves this stuff!


Thank you Mike! Hopefully you love it too!

Thanks brotha, glad you loved the samples!!

Honestly don’t think I’ve tried it. CJ gobbled it up at the Arnold when we first had the packets, and then I never saw another drop of it for myself after he fell in love :heart_eyes:


RXS Supplements Radiate Sour Peach Rings Review

Ingredient Profile-8/10 Radiate is a prop blend with ingredients that I noticed help with energy/mental focus, SLIGHT appetite suppression and a big increase in sweating. If this was a fully disclosed label, I would give it a 10/10.

Taste-9/10 RXS did a great job on flavoring the Sour Peach Rings. There is no mediciney taste nor is there an after taste. This is a big improvement on the cherry flavor. I added 1 scoop with 8 oz of water. It mixed just fine with no residue.

Effectiveness-9/10 This is a very strong product and if you have a low stim tolerance, I suggest you start with 1/2 scoop. For me, Radiate is a very well rounded product. Perspiration was through the roof for me. It did give me slight jitters. I recommend this for anyone to try and think you will be happy with the results.

OverAll- 9/10 Pro’s-Noticeable increase in my body temp.Increased energy, and Appetite suppression.


Solid review. Can’t wait to get my sample and give this a whirl. I looooove trying new pre’s more than anything. :smiley:

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All sample requests are out guys!! @blongo804 @GEHL


We’ll have to send you some, just say the word :wink:

Very exciting! Thanks a ton man!

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Thank you for the great review @suppzjoe!

I’ve never been known for turning down anything free in my life, but as a starving(LOL) college student, I’m pretty damn picky about what I spend my money on…so if I’m honest, it’s statistically unlikely that I’d end up buying a tub, so it’s it’s totally up to you, @TheMyth :wink:

(the joke is that I’m a pretty big boy)

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Shout out to the Radiate guys! Started following them in another forum. Radiate is top notch product


My man!! Great to see you over here bro!!

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