Redcon1 Total War new Formula

Redcon1 Total War new Formula


We are working with our Amazon report to have it added back this week!


Has anyone tried the new formula? Asking for a friend.


Label at stack3d shows yohimbine.

Maybe error, or you live in Australia or Canada


I’m in the States. I snagged it from the PricePlow stash, too. I don’t see a lot number or date on the jar to help.


It’s essentially the same thing for the supplements. Eria is the plant that contains N-phenethyl dimethylamine. I don’t think there’s any difference between the actual compound RedCon1 is using in the 2 versions


Have you guy’s tried out the new version yet?


Not yet. Not sure if it’s actually been released for sale or if it’s still being completed at the facility.

Grunt EAA is on its way and as soon as we can get our hands on the new Total War, you can rest assured we’ll give it a full run


Looks like the new formula is on their site


As I recall, the formula actually had a minor update a while back. Based on memory, I believe it originally had rauwalscine (alpha-yohimbine) and only 250mg caffeine. Later, they dropped the rauwalscine and added dicaffeine malate, while keeping the 250mg of caffeine anhydrous. Pretty sure that’s what happened.


I thought I had one with yohimbine, so maybe I had the silent version change. I’ll check whenever I’m eventually home. So I may have been right from the get go :grimacing:



The OG version at launch only had Eria and caffeine anhydrous at 250mg as the “major /exotic stims”.

Then, there was a tweak adding another 100mg dicaffeine malate (yielding an extra 73mg per scoop) plus 5mg rauwolscine.

Newest version, featured on RedCon1’s site keeps caffeine, and higenamine the same, ups Eria, adds naringin, replaces alpha y with regular Y and also adds n-coumaroyl dopamine


Yep. Just increased a little bit it looks like.


Oh, we never posted a link to our updated article


They also lowered the bioperin from 25mg to 10mg.


Does anybody know if you build any sort of tolerance to ERIA?


Yes it’s possible


It’ll act mostly as a dopamine booster. Receptor down regulation would likely be the biggest issue you’d run into.


That sounds like it would yield problems in the future? Or just downregulation in terms of using the ingredient for desired effects?

Downregulation over all sounds like it could lead to depression… hence my questions


Based on some discussions I’ve had with a few R&D guys, they say it doesn’t.

I’m still looking for a few studies showing as much


Just referring to dopamine receptors. To avoid problems with dopamine overstimulation the body should downregulate dopamine receptors when chronically stimulated like that. If you take a break they should bounce back easily enough. At least from my understanding. Most of this is based on reading about overstimulating yourself with dopamine through masturbation. Honestly don’t remember how I ended up reading that, but whatever! Anyway, I saw on a forum some guys stop masturbating which apparently helps increase your body’s response to dopamine. Same thing can happen with drugs though. Amphetamines lead to substantial increases in dopamine which give that good feeling, but that’s also why drug abusers have to keep taking higher and higher doses. A PEA alkaloid in a supplement should be considerably less worrisome in that regard though! From personal experience, (Sparta kraken as well as massive doses of bulk PEA) I’ve never had issues with tolerance to these PEA compounds. Dosed high enough, I get that kind of face-melting sensation every time, without adjusting the dose.