Redcon1 Total War new Formula

Redcon1 Total War new Formula

Hey guy’s…I was just on Redcon1’s site and saw that TotalWar has new ingredients…DMHA is gone and is replaced by Erin Andrews…I mean Eria Jarensis…

Has anyone tried it?

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Just saw that yesterday as well. There’s a few other changes as well such as 5mg of Yohimbine HCL, 100mg dicaffeine malate on top of 250mg caffeine anhydrous, and 25mg of whatever Naringin 98% is. I think these ingredients + Eria Jarensis are the big changes. Seems intriguing…would try.

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It does seem like it’ll be a good formula. I’m going to try at some point and see how it compares to other Eria Jarensis powered preworkouts


Call me crazy but it sounds like some of the ingredients added are pretty similar to what is in Clash.


Very little, Dicaffeine malate is commonly used in a lot of pre’s for sustained energy. Eria Jarensis is most certainly not in Clash, neither is Yohimbine HCL at a pretty big dose. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a mixture of positive/negative reviews stemming from that dose of Yo’.


I still have a tub of the old formula, and I love it. I’m a little scared to try Yohimbine after hearing others’ anecdotal reactions to it.


We’ll be updating our post and doing a YouTube video next week, but here’s the quote from @AaronSingerman:

“It’s been over a year and it was time to improve TOTAL WAR. The last thing we wanted to do is get stale. That said, many of our larger accounts (ie amazon, Gnc, Vitamin shoppe, military, and many countries) were moving away from DMHA. The last thing we want to do is disenfranchise a large part of our potential business for one ingredient that doesn’t do much. Instead, we’ve been able to IMPROVE the formula, and stay compliant with our larger accounts, all at the same time. Lots of testing and experimentation went into this new formula, and we are VERY proud of the final product! No one will be disappointed!”

Overall I’m a huge fan of the theobroma extract in there for body recomp.


I don’t think DMHA was replaced by the Eria. Pretty sure it always had that in there.

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Better than their previous formula. Not a fan of dmha, weak sauce for me.


There’s yohimbine in the old one as well, just not as much


The Eria has been upped by quite a bit, so overall it’s the replacement. Quite a few DMHA formulas are doing this


To my understanding it can activate AMPK, increase fat burning though a few mechanisms and also has some synergism with other stimulants.

Edit: also increase PDE enymes which increases energy production.


New version looks pretty solid overall, I think.

They’ve switched to regular Y instead of Alpha Y, upped the Eria and few other things already mentioned. I don’t see the need for over 300mg caffeine, but then again, I think most people are overcaffeinated anyway. 250-300 is great. I don’t ever feel more alert or intense with over 300. But that’s just one opinion. Though it does seem 300 is the new “minimum” these days


I was excited to give it a go, until I read the yohimbine at the bottom :frowning:

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This is my tub of Total War. Which ingredient is the yohimbine?

EDIT: Sorry, wasn’t trying to sound douchey in this reply. I was thinking that maybe yohimbine went by another name or something on this list.


Ope, I could have sworn it had it in there. Wonder which pre I’m thinking of


You’re good my dude! If I’m wrong due to not fact checking before making a statement like that, burn me! Haha

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What exactly is the difference between their new Eria Jarensis and the old formula’s n-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate?


If I were to guess, it would be because the Eria Jarensis itself carries so many other alkaloids than just the one. Guerilla Chemist actually has a REALLY good post on the plant on his Instagram. It’s worth a look


@mattceno @AaronSingerman Are we able to get any insight as to when Total War will be available on Amazon and the such again, now that is has been reforumulated?

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