Quarantine Workouts

Let’s keep inspiring each other and pushing each other to get in some work (for those of us with no gyms).

Post ideas, pics, practical equipment and exercises. I’ll steal some of y’all’s ideas probably’

Yesterday I utilized my only home equipment:

Perfect pull up bar (with narrow and wide grip handles),which doubles as a dip bar and 5 varying resistance cables. All exercises are being used with a 4-6 second concentric, to make up for lack of resistance.

Pull Day (Quarantine Workout 1):
-4 x Pull ups to failure; 3 second holds;
-4 cable lateral pull downs (attaches to the perfect pull up) to failure;
-4 sets of cable rows to failure (wrapped around a closed door handle
-3 sets of cable straight arm pull downs to failure;
-5 sets of cable rear delt flies to failure;
-4 sets of hanging straight leg raises;
-4 sets of floor crunches superseded with scissor kicks for 30 seconds;

Push Day (Quarantine Workout 2)
-4 sets of dips to failure, strong hard squeeze at the top;
-4 sets of chest cable flies (wrapped behind the door, to failure;
-4 sets of pushups; failure;
-3 sets of cable side laterals
-3 set of cable front resides;
-3 sets of cable shoulder press (stand on the cables);
-3 sets of floor side crunches;
-3 sets of hanging crunches (bent knee to chest).


Grabbed the Elite FTS Bands Mountain Dog pack
They are life savers.



Great videos @TheSolution !

The irony is, my back is super sore from yesterday. Can’t wait to see how the pecs and shoulders feel tomorrow!

Thank you for this. Haven’t done anything in a week. Between working 12 hour days, gym closing, and just moping around it’s time to get back on the wagon. Stay these Monday. Will report back

Same… 55 Hours this week. Hello OT

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Here you go boys:

Also Luka has some really good ones as well on his channel

Tomorrow my program has me doing Dunphy Squats. This will be a first!

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Phil? Or Claire?


Well played sir!

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lol had to google that! (just like the squat)

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Knocked out the John Meadows “8” Push Workout… good stuff… Pull tomorrow.

Decided in this time of quarantine and low activity, to run my Ghost Burn. So will run that 1 scoop a day.


8" push workout


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Arm Day (Yesterday):

And abs - but I’m doing abs every day I train now…

Due to the lack of resistance, I am incorporating some higher volume stuff. I had a phone call with Hany Rambod recently, and we chatted about the proper utilization of his fascia stretch training protocol (FST-7).

I decided to give it a go. It’s a great new stimulus for me and a great pair with home workouts, due to the “volume” component (excellent when we don’t have heavy enough weights). It’s pretty simple, 7 sets on your final exercise for any given muscle, with 40-50 seconds of rest between. Idea is to flood the muscle with blood. Stretch the muscle as much as you can during each resting period, to stretch the muscle fascia. I did notice increased pumps by trying this intra-set stretching technique.

-Single arm resistance band tricep push down 3x14;
-Single arm over head resistance band tricep extension 3x14;
-Close grip dips, to failure, 2 sets;
-Resistance band rope push down 7x16;
-Standing resistance band curls, 3x14;
-Resistance band preacher curls (used the couch) 3x14;
-Single arm resistance band curls, supinated, 7x16;
-Lying leg raises, 3 x failure;
-Floor crunches 3 x failure.


First at home Leg Day:

My plan was to do go atleast 2-3 weeks with no leg work (jogging 2 miles everyday was enough stimulus for me to keep blood going down there). I traveled to Europe twice, with no training for two weeks during each of those trips, just miles of walking every day… the few months after those trips, I had the most amazing leg workouts. I am convinced it was due to the rest.

I assume some bodyweight leg work won’t hinder my long term recovery in anyway, so I gave it a go.

5 sets of narrow stance squats to failure;
5 sets of wide stance squats - glute focus; 5 sets to failure;
4 sets of lunges to failure;
4 sets of standing hamstring curls (basically just curl up the hamstring and squeeze it as hard as possible). I was surprised at how great of a workout I got on this;
4 sets of 10 reps, doing a 5 second flex for each muscle, 5 second relax and repeat (hurt baaaaad).

This was yesterday at 5:30pm. It’s 7am now, and my legs freaking hurt.


Well this week decided to make my own workouts at home, I am mimicking the Gaunlet program (program I was 3 weeks into pre quarantine) the best I can with just bodyweight and bands. I have only resistance bands and a free standing adjustable bench.

Chest, Tris, Back, Bis
Standing Chest Press - 3 x 10
Slight Incline Chest Press - 3 x 10
Bench Dips - 3 x 10
Tri Pushdown - 3 x 15
Neutral Grip Pull Down (IN lieu of no pull up bar) - 3 x 8
Wide Grip Pull Down - 3 x 8
Band Pull Over - 3 x 10
Band Curls - 3 x 10
Band Hammer Curls - 3 x 10

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I tried these workouts as well and really liked them. I did add some things to them like presses with the bands on the push days. I got the bands that he had in the video and they were definitely of nice quality.

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Today’s workout

Hams, Glutes, Abs, Calves
Seated Leg Curls (band) 3 x 15
Banded Good Mornings 3 x 10
Single Leg Glue Bridge 3 x 12
Stationary Lunge 3 x 12 (each leg)
Stair Calf Raise 3 x 15
Banded Calf Raise 3 x 12
Flutter Kicks (4 count) 3 x 25
Band Crunch 3 x 15

Definitely worth a listen during this time of home workouts.

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Any movement in general with a higher heart rate is the best way to lose weight. Cardio is probably your best bet coupled with a diet at a slight caloric deficit.

Continue any form of resistance training. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be in theory.