Products That Work For You

Products That Work For You


I love KSM-66


Speaking of KSM-66, I quite like M-Test from CEL. A 695mg dose of that stuff is quite nice every day by itself, but overall a solid product too


Anthony, you’re still in your teens. Don’t act like you need test boosting ingredients. :wink:


Ah trying all the different stuff is half the fun. :wink:


I’m another advocate for Peak O2. I take 4g a day split into 2 doses to feel endurance effects. I use Primaforce’s product.

In reference to the ashwagandha posts, I use Doctor’s Best Sensoril and take 750mg a day, split between 3 doses. It took a few weeks, but the mood enhancements and mental management of stress effects are real.

An additional supplement I use occasionally that works well is GABA. I use it before bed on working weekends. A gram or so is great for my sleep.


Super simple one that everyone forgets: Vitamin D. Can’t forget it, especially if not getting sun


Vitamin D is pushed to an extreme now. You don’t need the amount everyone is saying. Boosting blood levels outside of its natural biological form is showing up poorly. Sunlight, then dietary sources are still the best way unless you have bloodwork showing little and then and only then should supplement with a minimal dosage.


Some of my favorite single ingredients:

Ashwaghanda KSM or Sensoril
Rhodiola Rosea
Olive leaf extract standardized min 40% oleuropein
CBD :slight_smile:


Why are you taking that? What effects are you seeing? I just switched from 750 mg 2x/day at 20% to a 40%. I’m hoping it will have an observable impact on my blood pressure after all the anecdotal “omg my bp is totes normal after taking this silver bullet of a supp!!!111!!1!” on the interwebs.


The BP effect in humans is inconsistent however it’s effect on insulin sensitivity is positive. Most studies are done on rats which we all know sometimes and sometimes do not transfer.

The dosage for a human is high which may be a part of what areas are not always shown to be positive.

I use it mainly as another antioxidant tool to keep my health overall positive.


Radiate - not just for the stims but for appetite suppression


I’m seeing some things listed here that I’d like people to possibly expand on. My intention was “things that you can clearly tell there are doing something on their own”. I see KSM66 and some other similar things listed. For me personally I have no idea if those types of things are doing anything for me - they are just part of a personal stack that I use for immunity support. I’m taking 600mg in the morning and 1200mg in the evening. Not a clue if it is doing anything.

So updating my example that I gave.

GlycoPhase - I feel different after I eat big meals - less lethargic and my BM has a very distinct smell everytime. I feel like my BM is more productive also.

ME Amino PM - It puts me down very quickly and I am almost guaranteed REM sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed.

Peak O2 - I don’t feel as winded after a set and can get back to work quicker.

I see creatine listed… I know it makes me urinate more frequently, but I do not notice a short term effect. I’d honestly say Protein gives me a better immediate effect.


Bumping an old post, but surely you know Creatine isn’t really supposed to have any short-term (acute) effects. Assuming no loading phase, it’ll take about a month to reach saturation, so I wouldn’t expect anything before then.


For personal reasons I cycle off creatine during the summer. Once I get back on it, my strength magically jumps after about 3-4 weeks like you said. This is how I know it WORKS. I really notice it in bench.


I believe a study showed creatine does have more of an effect on upper body as compared to lower body. Seems to anecdotally be supported as well


Oh yeah, CBD IS nice for my tendency to be extremely stressed, about everything, all the time.


Peak O2 (I actually prefer it over Beta-Alanine as weird as that sounds)
Lemon Balm (pretty underrated imo)
Kava (it’s like my natural Xanax)
Holy Basil
Magnesium Citrate

I had a lot of options and hookups when I worked at Sprouts lol. It was like the hookup from SR and GNC which was usually just a bunch of caffeine turned into sedatives


Exactly! It 's like pissing money down the drain.


Yeah. I’m all about optimizing hormone output, but I doubt most teens need it.

Ironically, I was diagnosed with chronic low test from two different doctors (not hormone clinics - hah). I was 23 with test levels at 100. No bueno - so you would think I would encourage test boosting supps!

They made me cycle a prescription of clomid on and off for 2 years, and my test has come sitently been around 400-500 ever since. I’m sure trt is great - but it’s not always necessary. I’d love test levels of 1000+ but it ain’t gonna happen naturally.


VASO-6 as a stand-alone works freaking fantastic for me