Products That Work For You

Products That Work For You


I wanted to start a thread where we list supplements that you clearly can tell they are working for YOU. Lets leave stimulants and non-otc’s out of this list.

My initial thoughts were to only list products that are also a good value, but if you want to add high dollar items, feel free.

For me - NOW Mood Support LINK has noticeable effects for me and the price is good.

A few other products that are not your normal PRE or INTRA that I can tell have affect on me are:

SNS GlycoPhase
Muscle Elements Amino PM
Peak O2

And of course every nootropic - but I don’t really want to include CNS stimulants.


Peak O2 is good for me.

-GlycerPump (high yield glycerol)


Nice Matt,

I wasn’t really thinking of individual ingredients, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to add them in also. Beta Alanine you can for sure tell it is doing something, but I can’t actually tell if it is helping my workout - same with the rest of the single ingredients you listed except for the pump ingredients when dosed properly.


Ones that have worked great for me lately:

Ghost Size (Epicatechin + Creatine = win)
MAN Delta XT
RCSS Resurrect PM (new and old versions)
Arimistaine (works great in any product I have tried, getting harder and harder to find now)
Beta Alanine (The main benefit for me is less rest time in btwn sets)
BLR Letrone

Ingredient that has done nothing for me lately:

Laxogenin (REDCON1 HALO)

Those are the big standouts to me this last year at least. This coming year I will start to expand to more unique ingredients as such found in Olympus Labs and BLR. I will also give Laxogenin another shot in Killer Labz Protein I have in the closet on stand by. Finally, I will run DAA that I have some bottles of as well in a few weeks.


Whoops! I’ll revise my answer. Haha.


You’re all good. Go ahead and leave it the way it is. If it works - it works!


I personally notice a difference big time with the following:

Gaspari SizeOn/Glycofuse
SNS Glycophase
Myokem Magnitropin
Any phenibut product


Absolutely. Berberine rocks

I also feel a fuller pump with betaine, and do better with Lo Salt (for the iodine and potassium).

In man-land, LJ100 longjack and Shilajit seem like two underrated ingredients for me. Kaged Muscle Ferodrox

Rhodiola is awesome too. I like it more than Ashwagandha but enjoy both


Check out Axe and Sledge’s new “Man Power.”

  • Caffeine - duh :laughing:
  • Citrulline - good pumps
  • 5-HTP - reduces my desire to drink booze
  • DMAA - gives me a headache. Not a good effect, but an effect nonetheless.

Nothing else I’ve tried seemed to have an observable effect. And I’ve tried a lot of supps/herbs


Now normally this would be the opening of a joke…but since Matt suggests it.

I’d say

  • Nootropimax
  • Ascend by Legion
  • Peak Physicor (Peak O2)
  • Tru Multi by PEScience


Doctor’s Best Nitrosigine caps for pumps and cognitive benefits, Agmatine is a great antidepressant for me, (i’m not clinically diagnosed or anything though,) Curcumin for pain relief

  • Peak O2. Absolutely notice a massive difference in time to fatigue.
  • Ashwagandha. 1g of Sensoril or 1.5g of KSM-66 spread throughout the day.
  • Choline, along the lines of Chad above: makes me depressed and gives me brain fog. Not a positive effect, but more of an effect than a lot of stuff gives me, i.e. betaine, glycerol.
  • 5-HTP. Started using this as a sort of “PCT” as I come off of my antidepressant (my insurance expired and I was running out–thanks capitalism!), definitely helped with stabilizing mood.

As far as pre-packaged products

  • Helios by Chaos & Pain. I will never stop singing the praises of this product, it’s like an instant-cure for nagging tendonitis. Instant meaning like 10 days, but after 3 months of elbow boneitis, that feels pretty immediate.


Damn, that’s a high dose (supposedly)! I never did more than 500 mg of Sensoril. Maybe I need to up my dose. I’ve tried KSM-66, Sensoril, and plain extract, and never had a noticeable effect with ashwagandha.


Honestly I don’t notice too much until a build up occurs. I know it pairs well with stimulants but outside of that, I do notice after time of use, my sleep quality goes up


Nonstandardized ash has a recommended dosage of several grams, I don’t buy into the 125mg of Sensoril that so many products do.

I’d probably experiment with more if it weren’t so expensive.


Same. No noticeable differences unless I take Between 400-600mg.


400-600 mg of Sensoril?


Standard Ashwaghanda or KSM-66


Huge fan of KSM-66