Primabol - Need your help understanding this

Primabol - Need your help understanding this


The scientifically proven amount of PA needed is 750MG - Primeval decided ‘bruh we are going to double that’…Why?

I’m a fan of Primeval Labs as you may know (MegaPre and IntraCell as well as Primalog are really good products) but color me confused.

I currently use PA(7) from HPN and I do like it.

But I don’t understand why they would double that dose? Simply for Marketing purposes? I’m curious…


What’s PA? :slight_smile:


They’re not using double the dose, despite what they’d have you believe. It’s 50% PA, which means that 1500mg is giving you 750mg of actual PA. This is what I think anyway, as it’s common practice for companies to use use a 50% ingredient, which is fine, and talk about the dose like it’s 100%. Maybe someone can clarify. Is it 1500mg of the ingredient, or 1500mg PA from the ingredient, which means you’d need 3000mg from the ingredient.

As to why someone would dose it higher, anecdotally some people say they notice better pumps/muscle fullness with higher doses.


their style. overdosing or using 20 good underdosed ingredients.
pyretic would be great if it had more than 50mg c3g per bottle…
alcar, forskolin and c3g without the rest and they could have used effective doses. maybe…(no idea what the cost of c3g is. wonder why it is not simply synthesized…perhaps not possible?)


so far primeval products seem overpriced and nothing really great after a close look. creatine and elevatp. well creatine-pyruvate, ubiquinol and shilajit would be a lot more effective.
25mg forskolin/day and such things are just silly.
this industry needs me :smiley:


Sorry it’s Phosphatidic Acid…


you americans really should take a break from all that new hyped stuff and run 2 months of biotest indigo3g. worst case it is like pterostilbene which means fucking great but you spent too much. i think it has great potential. pterostilbene is still most likely unmatched for disease prevention but c3g should be very healthy too and could be incredible for body composition.
my only concern is that life extension ampk activator may work better for 30 dollars.


So which would you suggest? I’ve used Indigo3G in the past…


Ok…let me provide a few items here as follow up:

And my apologies here - HPN PA(7) suggests 5 capsules which = 1500 MG of PA - I had been taking 3…I just read the label:


it is the one i would try as others are much more expensive. i would have to know wether it would beat a combination of pterostilbene, agmatine, na-r-ala, berberine, bergenin, banaba though. all that can be had for a lot less money and is really effective.


And since I’m all about the links this morning:


i would have to spend 60 UK pounds for 90 caps indigo3g. thats around 160USD/month at 600mg (6 caps) daily. i think 2 doses would be better though. i wonder why it is so expensive, pterostilbene as an extract would be impossible as a daily dose would require 1000kg blueberries but it can be synthesized. maybe c3g can not. ptero extracted would cost a million for a 2 month course or so…lol.


how were your results with indigo? ca you compare to other ampk activators like berberine, banaba or whatever they call gdas or nutrient partitioners these days?
it would have to be a lot more efective than the current gdas as i can make a blend where one dose requires me to eat 200+g carbs and take that twice daily and it still is cheaper than indigo.
basically it is about mechanism that work in synergy.
300mg na-r-ala
500mg berberine
1000mg agmapure
300mg bergenin
700mg banaba
150mg pteropure

would already be scary potent. far ahead of metformin or any nutrient partitioner on the market.
2 doses of that daily would cost me about half the price of indigo. i am still curious…


I tried it years ago and used it pre-workout with their Plazma product…the pumps were insane…but I didn’t use it for the right reasons…Meaning I tried it but didn’t truly invest in it…I didn’t give it time to truly work so it’s tough for me to judge.

As I’m getting older and constantly looking for that ‘edge’ I started looking into/using GDA’s to help with that bloated feeling I get after eating a ton of carbs…plus it has helped appearance


They’re being intentionally misleading. It says 1500mg Mediator containing 50% PA. Mediator is 50% PA, so studies that used 750mg PA used 1500mg Mediator. They’re using the same 750mg PA the studies used, not double it.


so intuitively it seems what can be achieved with indigo can be done for less and probably better minus the cool colour and all.
if you had the choice between my example and indigo for the same price, which would you tend to use?


Ahhhh…now it makes sense to me thank you…


I would choose the less costly/less pills to take alternative to be quite honest with you…


Are there any GDA formulas on the market currently that look appealing to you?


tbh i formulated brawn recompagen which has na-r-ala, berberine, bergenin and agmatine. soon after na-r-ala combined with agmatine appeared a lot. the doses are moderate but that is because of the bergenin which blocks basically any nutrient uptake into fat cells and is dosed rather high. therefore the other ingredients would have been overkill at a higher dose as people who took it 30 min. pre breakfast quite often had issues going hypo and needing to eat massive amounts of carbs to feel normal as it acts independant off insulin so it is already working with not enough glucose in the bloodstream which is why i take/took it with meals.
there is some other good ones but most are not as good for fat loss as the bergenin will induce temporary insulin resistance in fat cells. burn24 is good and berberine/banaba combinations are good which would be greatly improved by adding some high quality agmatine.

pterostilbene, pomella pomegranate and such things also work well but rather for longterm changes than immediate effects (no going hypo)

life extension ampk activator should theoretically work like metformin only a lot better as gynostemma and trans-tiliroside are a lot more potent than berberine/metformin. it also should not cause hypoglycemia but induce changes in metabolism so one can eat far more carbs and not gain fat but instead have more energy, prevent aging on a cellular level and so on. there is the old one and the new one with hesperidin, it is the old one that intrigues me the most.