Powerlifting Updates

Powerlifting Updates

New deadlift PR. Deads have went up 40 pounds this month. Figured I’d share in case y’all forgot I lifted.



In the middle of a cold right now, which makes bracing a total bitch, but nevertheless broke my squatting plateau. Always a great feeling as it’s my worst lift.
340, 355, 370 today. Previous max of 335


Big 475 deadlift today. That’s another 30lb jump. Failed it first rep as my grip slipped. Fixed it for the second attempt. Shame you can’t post videos directly here

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Second squat was iffy, third was deffo 3 reds. Absolutely not diminishing the massive PRs, I don’t think a lift has to meet IPF standards to “count.” I would absolutely call that a 370# successful squat. Especially because your bar speed was quality enough that I think you’d have still hit it if you buried it, just saying–on the platform, bury it with the confidence that you’ve hit it before.


Ha yeah, I actually haven’t done a meet yet, or am officially on the team up here at Pitt. Will be officially joining in the fall. Good points, and will certainly work on burying them next time


I’m just here to say sumo is cheating

When I first began powerlifting ~6 months ago, I tried switching to conventional to avoid that very statement, but eventually stuck with sumo since I can pull substantially more.

Also worth mentioning, I’m fairly certain you’re the best powerlifter on this forum. If you ever get a chance and view any of my lifts or have general advice and whatnot, any and all criticism is very appreciated. Being so new to this, I know I have LOTS to learn still

LOL I’m definitely kidding, I’d love to be able to take advantage of sumo but I’m just so damn tall.

I’ll take a look. I don’t think it’s hard to make that statement when there’s like, 3 of us lol

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Ha, I figured, but unfortunately, many gymgoers say it unironically. However, it seems it’s mostly people who barely lift who tend to give me that. And yeah, I’m 5’7” so sumo fit my height best, so I’d consider myself lucky in that regard.

Much appreciated! & true :rofl:

Not sure if these will work, but links to my IG stories with my bench & dead



You’re already on the fast track to powerlifting success :’)


295 bench today, a 20lb PR. Attempted 300 before it but got stuck halfway up

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Week four of a hypertrophy block. Currently getting used to my new IPF approved belt, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps. Might push the block to 5 weeks before a deload before doing strength.

Putting off any hormonal anabolics until I’m certain my gym will be staying open the duration of the quarantine. No point in wasting them.

Goals for this next strength block:
405 squat w/ unquestionable depth
315 touch&go bench
500 deadlift


What belt/sleeves/wraps did you get?

All A7. Just need deadlift socks and a singlet and I’ll be set, but I’ll grab those closer to fall since I won’t actually be training in them.

What brand do you use?

Welp, went into today’s session looking for a 380 squat as a PR, but felt great and had awesome hype men around, so ended up getting 405 pretty clean. Maybe an inch or less off comp depth but easily a gym max. Will be lowering intensity a good bit the rest of the block as I’m happy with that number, and now need to PR on deadlifts.


Those more experienced than me, acceptable depth? Particularly for the gym, I definitely say give it another inch for comp. Want to verify before posting the video

High for comp, but I certainly wouldn’t say “0 reps” or anything like that.

But practice like you want to perform or you’ll perform like you practiced.

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About what I figured.

Extremely good point