Phosphagen Creatine

Can someone smarter than me please explain either why (or why not) I should spend my hard earned money on HTP’s Creatine formula called Phosphagen?
In general, Hi Tec seems to deliver on most of their products, but is this really worth the price for 33 servings?

What’s the price per day for it? Do you tolerate Creatine monohydrate fine? If so, I’d stick with it. This has some unknown amount of Creatine nitrate, and nitrates are good for pumps and endurance, but it’d likely be much cheaper, and assured of the ideal dose, to use Creatine monohydrate and some potassium nitrate separately.

alri cyclo-creation may be worth a look. it is not just creatine and often things like phosphates, orotic acid, malic acid etc. are underrated.
some of those products are ergogenics containing creatine rather than overpriced creatine.

For why not, its a .50-1$ a serving creatine supplement
For why, It looks very well done
If you have the money to burn and don’t want to add creatine to your shake, or take it in a different product then this might be worth it. I can’t really say if the formula is good as it has a large prop blend, but it is doing more then other creatine supplements.

Weight up your disposable income and other products in the category. In general dedicated flavored creatine supplements are not a good way of spending your money, buying in bulk is just so much cheaper.


I wouldn’t buy it based on it being a $25-30 flavored creatine, only a months supply and a prop blend which is led by creatine hcl. And the reviews on flavoring is a bit harsh.

Bulk is cheap. A years worth shouldn’t cost you more than $20.

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Proprietary Blend with Micro-Rx™ and Extend-Rx™ Technologies:Creatine HCl, Creatine Nitrate, Disodium Creatine Phosphate Tetrahydrate, Beta-alanine, CreaPhos™ Creatine Phosphate, Guanidinopropionic acid 12.5 g

much more than a creatine product. this most likely has a good dose of nitrate, phosphates, beta-alanine and test-prop, ehm, propionicguarana something. looking at it as an ergogenic it is quite decently priced.

however i prefer cyclo-creation as cyclo-creatine is not creatine and that stuff together with n’gorge nos worked really well. all this pump hype when abh/bec outperform fancy vaso-6 green tea easily. normally i would not buy arginine supplements or stuff like that but the price was decent and the combination actually did something for performance, not just stim explosion and patented ingredients that are cheap and nothing special. (urolithin b, come on olympus, had no money for pomella which delivers urolithins and much more to the bloodstream and unsurprisingly at 800mg+ has significant effects. it is also the only way to get ellagic acid absorbed, when one sees pomegranate standardized for ellagic acid it will be nearly useless. now people hype olympus that use some untested urolithin by itself which is most likely not good for health but pomella unfortunately is more expensive than their formulas.)

the industry went from whey to skipping innovation to pseudoscience. lef ampk activator has more than double the trans-tiliroside as their assasinate and gynostemma which is by far the most potent ampk activator, much stronger than metformin or berberine. and it is like 25 dollars a bottle in the US. should beat any gda or nutrient partitioner by miles. bb supp companies are sketchy…lol

The problem with the first product you mentioned is that while nitrates and phosphates and all that are great, when you have them ALL in a prop blend AND as part of Creatine, you’re likely not getting full doses of any of them. Creatine nitrate alone, you can get enough nitrates. Phosphate? Same. But when you get your same total dose of Creatine from, say, 5 different types, you now only have 1/5 the amount of nitrates, phosphate, etc as you would if you used a full dose of only one. There’s no real way of knowing in this prop blend, but it’s a relevant consideration.

You do know that OL uses pomegranate extract in their pre-workout, right? I’m not sure what half your tirades are really about.

a non declared standardized pomegranate powder extract. 4 years after i mentioned pomegranate on forums. i could make a list of the ideas of mine that were copied and done wrong. cop and amento, dosed at 2g and 120mg was something i posted as sufficient amounts, olympus comes out with it in a pre also years later.
performax suddenly uses na-r-ala and agmatine in a nutrient partitioner but fails to understand that insulin dependant substances can cause fat gain and therefore na-r-ala needs bergenin.

it is surprising how much it bothers people that someone does it better. so much they will negate it at all costs. number one ranked athletes are not hated on, why does everyone want to be better than the guy who has to explain to pharmacists that there are cures for allergies and ssris can not work in almost all clinically depressed as 70% are deficient in methylfolate making any reuptake inhibitor useless as there will not be enough NTs for them to work. metabolic disorders…

and i do not even use creatine or nitrates unless they are included somewhere or i want the substance the creatine is attached to. however that would not make me buy those alone.

and i did say that i prefer cyclo creation as it actually did something and cyclo-creatine is not creatine. same with c-o-p. it has acute effects on max strength for me.

its a weird world were opinions are accepted when they are simply an excuse for speaking about something one doesn’t understand but honesty is not and one has to degrade themselves as people feel inferior as soon as they realize that my understanding is not collected information but something more fundamental. now they need to come up with the microbiome when i always knew that all knowledge is found within.

i certainly am not very good with technology. neither mathematics and such. if i built a bridge then i suggest not to drive over it. an iphone is a mystery thing to me from a virtual reality.

one will simply not see me discussing something that others know better so it seems i am always right when i simply don’t talk about stuff i should not be talking about. i may be curious to learn if it interests me.

i looked for someone wise like a guru for a long time until i realized that i have to learn myself if i want understanding beyond university regurgitation and mass conditioning. still, meeting someone who can teach me things i had no idea about would be something great but those considered experts and intellectuals have always turned out to be surprisingly limited and would rather die hugging their ego than accept some dude in a hoodie can teach them things only true passion can grasp. no amount of degrees can replace true understanding. a human could have near limitless information about trees and their biology, biochemistry, uses, appearance, shape, geography etc. but he can never know what it means to be a tree. (of course a physicist knows physics much better than me and a chemist knows structural formulas i have no idea about. but i learnt the experience in addition to reading all the literature and people who asked my advice managed to lose 20lbs of fat in 2 months on more calories as i figured out why they could not get lean despite being huge and strong but calories like a schoolgirl. a guy with 20 inch arms should not be able to have flab at under 3000 calories or so. that is obviously not right. turns out there were some metabolic problems after all. no change but some natural compounds and even a bit more calories.

I got this on a bogo a while back. Flavor is definitely harsh

You saying something on the internet doesn’t mean that anyone who ever does something similar or even the same is copying you. Furthermore, can you prove conclusively that you’re the first person to ever come up with these ideas, or even the first to say them on the internet? Using your logic, if these companies are copying you because you said something on the internet, then if even one person said it online before you, then you copied them.

I’m done here man. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Ok so in short skip it, if a flavored creatine taste bad that removes 90% of the reason you are paying the giant markup.
Its providing nothing you need or can’t get elsewhere so no need to give them your shekels

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Agreed, unless you’re getting a great deal, there’s nothing to see here

Don’t! Just use regular creatine monohydrate. Studies have been done on monohydrate for years showing its effectiveness. Simple terms, it works and its the most cost effective.


prove? i mentioned substances before anyone had considered using them for bodybuilding. i do not read about what other people would put in a product or use ideas from companies.
sometimes i check what is on the market and see that some are now using stuff i mentioned way back and wasn’t taking seriously but are doing it totally wrong.
see, recompagen was budget limited and compared to slinmax you cant take it before meals and eat 50g carbs. people tried that and it turned out most need 150g as one dose is far too strong for less. that is because performax did not understand the product. na-r-ala/agmatine popped up in many products all a few months after recompagen and was never done before. people have certainly combined them but without bergenin using na-r-ala is stupid and that is why my nutrient partitioners make gaining fat impossible and others do whatever.

when did you first see pterostilbene in a supplement to improve boody composition? i said it is the most incredible compound in existance when people were comparing it to resveratrol. now it actually cures hypertension, prevents damage from stroke, is a selective zytostatic and extremely effective (if you don’t want to ever get cancer get on it now).

if health is of concern then one can still get what you probably consider nothing special but is the most expensive supplement ever released and you will never see anything like it again.
1.5g arginocarn
200mg purenergy
100mg p-5-p
1mg methylcobalamin
1mg methylfolate

arginocarn or alcar-arginate are around 10x more expensive than alcar and companies won’t even put a gram of alcar in their products sometimes…lol
purenergy mg for mg is far more expensive than pteropure and mixing caffeine and pterostilbene does not compare.
those b-vitamins cost more than most supplements on the market the product is available for 35 dollars as the company is too stupid to market it and peope expected some lazer-focus from it…
annoyingly it is impossible to get purenergy as a consumer without trash in some formula and i one could then it would be 150 dollars minimum for the ingredients. it is a ripoff industry, why does nobody get that? it does cost 20 dollars or so to make but was sold for 60 initially. other companies products are 1-5 dollars max in production with a min. retail price of 10x the ingredient cost. you think MPA supps products cost more than 3-5 dollars to make? and olympus labs strangely has things on the label sometimes that should be very effective but nothing happens. i used to like their formulas but when ingredients one cannot not feel do not have any effect then i come to the conclusion that they are a scam. that is it. urolithin b is not a component of pomegranate, therefore cannot be extracted, yet the claim so. also it has never been used in isolation and probably has no health benefits. but synthetic urolithin b will cost cents when pomella will cost so much that myodyne charges over 40 dollars for it and they are much fairer and quality oriented. olympus products are designed to look impressive but are made as cheaply as possible. seriously, 100mg laxosterone and 800mg pomella outperform massacr3 so drastically i was wondering if the massacr3 has any effect until i got some mild shoulder pain relief which laxosterone would eliminate in 2-3 days. utter crap raws. now has anyone actually made visible progress with any of these supps? i have not seen pics or read a log where i can tell anything.

good thing i got some cash so i can get ampk activator, pteropure and pomella. also dna dispatch and hydrazine coming tomorrow. in 1 month of use should be at old bf but with 1inch or more on arms and stronger.
anyone who asks my advice and follows what i come up with will see changes that they are shocked by within 2 months. i get gratitude mails from the same people over and over and just tell them to stop, all i did was explain to them what nobody seems to get: all programs and plans are nonsense or generic supplementation or bb diets. how microtraumata are caused has been known for decades and everything else is nonsense, furthermore the body knows what it needs and an athlete cannot be fat on 3000 calories unless he is not an athlete or has some metabolic problem. also no athlete spends less time training than shitting and shaving per week except bb.

i get companies are happy making money. but would you rather give them money for gains that may be there but not sure because they act all nice and give you a 2 dollar product or would you like to put 20% on your lifts in 2 months and easily get into single digit bf% without dieting and look like you just put in 3 years of massive effort? all thats required is accepting that you don’t like the guy. i won’t sell you anything. but the idea that i could just be telling the truth may be too terrible for some so they actually prefer to suffer. honestly people with arthritic conditions refuse to even try bcm-95 because a specialist said they will get worse no matter what. so they defend this view like crazy. everyone i suggested it to said it worked better than anything by far they ever tried and some had near complete relief in 4 days affter a decade of suffering. if i was a fat professor who said…uuhmmm…eeeehhh…all the time and cannot articulate himself properly (i do sound eloquent according to people irl, not purposely) and didn’t look somewhat good and appear humble (irl you will see me smile, negate compliments, tell people not to thank me etc. as i do not actually like attention) things would be different.

i have spent ages on forums remaining calm and polite at the worst insults, repeatedly offered people free advice and pm contact and so on, explained that i would never keep a billion dollars but give most away which is all true and get accused of false altruism, dishonesty, trying to make money etc.

if i cared about money or was greedy i would have it but i have morals that disable me from doing anything including exploitation or asking money for advice. so despite having barely anything i am here doing what feels right no matter if only 1-2 people benefit from anything i say.

you can make what you want off it. since i do not want to be known my motivation cannot be admiration. if i wanted that i would teach advaita to confused seekers of enlightenment and keep saying: i am that from which all things flow, yet nothing and beyond…blabla

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Only be spending approx ~20 bucks for a years worth??
**(considering no loading phase needed, nor cycling on and off, just a steady 2gm/day 365day) in either Mono or Hcl format. What brand or brands would you recommend?
Question is open to all, I’m so tired of paying for hype.

i used the HTP Phosphagen, it does not taste great, and mixes worse (to be expected though).

check out bulk supplements dot com and i personally prefer HCL

or if u wanted a trusted company (maybe a few $$$ more) looked at Kaged Muscle Creatine HCL

Budget mode, 3-5g creatine monohydrate will get the job done. SNS always has deals - SNS Creatine Monohydrate | News & Prices at PricePlow - that’s like 2 cents per day!!

If some extra cash, 3-5g creatine HCl may work better for you than monohydrate (I don’t believe any of the “2g Creatine HCl” nonsense). Kaged and SNS again come through

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Muchas Gracious. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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@Kon_Rock RIP Creafuze, best of both worlds

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