Personal Favorite Pump Ingredient

Personal Favorite Pump Ingredient


I know a lot of people like or dislike certain products, especially non-stim pumps due to certain ingredients. Some of us, like me, swear by Vaso-6. Others seem to enjoy the nitrates in Ghost Pump and VasoBlitz. There are tons of unique ingredients so I’m curious as to everyone’s favorite, and especially why


VASO-6 and nitrates are my favorites. I do enjoy the simple things like Agmatine and citrulline though


NO3-T - the goat for me!


Seems like nitrates and Vaso-6 are definitely two of the top dogs. Despite the rave reviews about mega pre though, I’ve never actually seen anyone especially interested in Vaso Drive AP


Whatever they put in Ghost Pump


I would presume you’re a nitrate/NO3-T lover as well then


I’d have to use Vaso-Drive as a stand-alone to give any kind of good viewpoint on it. It’s ok from what I’ve tried


Have never used Vaso 6 in any of my pre workouts. I usually by glycerol powder in bulk from true nutrition and add it in pre workout. Seems to have worked well enough for me the past few years.


Nice. Standard glycerol or GlycerPump?
I can’t stand the clumps from standard glycerol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve been enjoying plain old citrulline malate 2:1 (yeah, I know it’s not bonded :laughing:). 8 g of that gets me a good pump. I’ve tried nitrates such as beet root and potassium nitrate, and didn’t notice anything. Can’t wait to try vaso-6, after hearing everyone on PP rave about it. Gonna wait for my pre-order of CNS Labgrade to arrive to give Vaso6. that a go.


Beet root doesn’t do jack for me, either.


It may be standard. Its “hydromax glycerol” which is 65% glycerol powder. I havent noticed any clumping from it though.




It won’t, unless you’re having an obscene amount of it. Beetroot JUICE is one thing, but the powder, or even extracts, have such low nitrate content that you’d need a HUGE amount to even come close to a solid dose of nitrates. Even at 5% nitrate, which is double a lot of standardized extracts, you’d need 8g of it to hit 400mg nitrates. No one is using even a quarter of that dose, and most aren’t even using a standardized extract.


That’ll do it alright


LOL. Yeah, I forgot how good it feels. Damn…:slight_smile:
But for over the counter supps. I have to go with VASO-6. The pump I got from Kraken was the best pre workout pump.


I only got to try a single sample of the new formula for it sadly. Still rockin out with the old one though


Potassium Nitrate and Vaso-6. Painful together


Wasn’t that the combo in the original Serum?


I’ll be honest I did a double take when I saw you talking about an actual supplement.