Opinions on glucose disposal agents?

Opinions on glucose disposal agents?


I’ve been researching GDAs and am curious about the opinions of them here.

Also anyone know of a good cost effective stack/product?


Some compounds have some great qualities, usage however they are marketed falsely. You cannot eat tons of carbs etc and somehow magically you only use them as muscle glycogen.


Someone else will say it, but the type of GDA will vary person to person. Some people will do great with Berberine, or even just something like a Cinnamon Bark Extract with some chromium. I personally Like using GDA’s on my Higher carb days. Ill like to use some pre-made products, and some of just the single ingredients depending on the meal. My current favorite product is Matador from project A.D. But I have been curious about trying out Adapt from outbreak nutrition.

Lets talk Berberine

Well said @Adidasshorts . What pisses me off are ones that are being marketed for high fat meals as.well.


So true. Companies that promote GDAs as a hall pass for “cheat meals” are ridiculous. It is so important for people to understand that huge amounts of fat taken in conjunction with carbs and a GDA is such a horrible idea.

I remember ProSupps pushed iLoad in that way. They advertised it as a free pass to eat a massive greasy burger and fries, donuts and more.

Great for high carb meals with minimal fat - but if taken with a high fat meal, people shouldnt be surprised if they look fluffy the next day!


Outbreak ADAPT review goes up tomorrow

Long story short, Rich Piana bars that made me go up 29 points instead make me go up 12. I am now officially interested!


You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.


I know this isn’t the best review here, but I had to start somewhere. I really dig these products and want to get better at testing. Just so much to do that my diet has not been on point. I take at least one of these before eating stuff though, even if not tracking.


My wife and I just returned from Vegas - and I have Primalog from Primeval Labs. Not sure what this means but I used Primalog (required dosage is 7 pills, I took 3) prior to ‘big meals’ like for example pancakes for breakfast and can tell you that I did not feel bloated or overly full each time I used it. This is more of a side note than anything. I don’t have an issue with carbs but can feel lethargic at times with them…I like it.


Here’s the best “glucose disposal agent” I’ve used


Primalog works, but gives me the gnarliest gas. Still got an unopened bottle for sale.


Berberine is underrated, that’s my opinion on GDAs

Lets talk Berberine

From my limited research, Green Tea Extract (specifically the EGCG polyphenol) has clinical studies on humans showing it can limit carbohydrate and even some fat absorption. I couldn’t find much beyond unsubstantiated hype for other supps (again, limited research on my part), but I find didn’t much detailed info out there for anything anyway. For example, CLA looked promising at first (on rats), but it actually got mixed results on humans, particularly those who were not “obese”.


I picked up some berberine. Trying it today. Holy crap, that stuff is crazy yellow (like sulfur), and will stain anything it touches. Also is the most bitter/toxic tasting substance ever :laughing:! 500 mg of that in my smoothie makes it almost undrinkable. If you try it, do yourself a favor and just get the capsules, not bulk powder.

As for the results…dunno…I’m so disgusted by the flavor that I had to post something right away, lol.!

I’m probably going to dump it (unless anyone here wants it??), and pick up some capsules.


Yum! I do love berberine.

Lets talk Berberine


I myself recently picked up some gs4 plus from now, along with a few other things.

If I were you I would just buy empty capsule and cap it yourself
But I would gladly take it off your hands :P, I can paypal you the shipping or buy you something off of amazon, which ever you would prefer.


We do have empty caps for filling. But this stuff is very messy, and accurately weighing caps when filling is a PITA.

I might take you up on that. I’m going to give it a week and see how it goes. I have 100 g of it (minus 1g per day I use it).


Unless its a very weight sensitive supplement(ie a stimulant) you can kind of just guess it, each capsule generally holds a max of like 750 mg of stuff, unless you really pack it.
(This does depend on the supplement of course, its a good idea to weight a few capsules to get an idea)


Alright…good points! I might give it a shot. My wife knows how to pack those capsules; so I’ll see if she can help :smiley: