New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Nobody wants that formula to be stolen, or the 1/3rd amount of fillers found in that Guerilla Pre-Workout bruh


I follow him on IG because he is very informative about many compounds natty or not. I am shocked at this pwo though.


So is he right or wrong about the dose of lion’s mane used in the study? If the first post of his I checked, and one he seems to have used to formulate his product, is wrong, that’s a red flag IMO. We all make mistakes though.


This post makes me happy. Have I found a “unicorn” forum on the internet where people can debate opinions and likes/dislikes and stay civil with each other. YESSSS!! You guys are great!!


We try. Glad you found this group! We are some of the elect few out there, who actually care about labels and ingredients. : )


I don’t think I’ve been had Ethiopian coffee? Where does one acquire such a mystery bean?


Posted on NutraBio’s Facebook earlier!

This should be interesting. :smiley:


I am jumping on this Hype train!!!


The dosage used in the Japan study was 3g total of whole fruit iirc. He is using a 25% standardized extract which yields 150mg of actual b-glucans which actually should be enough for an effect.


I have only had it from boutique and homebrew roasters, most recently at Noble Grind (here in Pflugerville TX) and Red Whale Coffee (in Cali when I visited over Christmas) . Don’t think I’ve ever seen it at Starbucks/Peets. Also available on the interweb, but I’ve never purchased any online.


Its a new Whey Isolate Flavor.


I may have to special order this…hmmm. I love trying new coffees


So the study didn’t use an extract, but powder? That sounds correct. So he then got the dose wrong AND the material used wrong?

I’m not saying it’s for sure underdosed, as most of the studies didn’t list the beta-glucan content, but it seems that, any way you cut it, his analysis of the study was wrong.


Bacon and eggs flavored protein, I’m calling it



Wait…real or fake? I could have seen something like this before


I made up the box design, went into post HQ and took a picture


that was spotted in canada
be in the US in march.


No shame. Ill be the first to try this.


Just logged in and saw that there were 62 new unread posts…

Can I get a cliffs notes version of what I missed?


Love, compassion, healthy debate, and stimulants of course