New supplement thread

New supplement thread


New PWO from “master formulator” with MS in chem who formulated for companies before has big prop blend. No caffeine amount disclosed. He and supporters say to just trust him and get condescending and arrogant on social media when people bring it up. Supposedly caffeine content will be disclosed. Not sure why rhodiola not standardized on label either.

That should cover most of it I think.


Those looking for unique coffees, try out Kopi Luwak. It is a coffee found in Indonesia and known as one of the most expensive coffees in the world. I have been to Indo twice, and its very affordable there thanks to the exchange rate, and they serve it in a gold mug and gold spoon. Pretty amazing, I will have to dig through my pics and see if I still have one!

It translates to Mongoose Coffee (oddly enough I speak Indonesian). Its derived from the feces of the Luwak, yummy!!


That’s pretty wild!


Found it:


Dude, that’s awesome


Love coffee, makes me shit though so I get annoyed when people say “don’t take a pre-workout just drink coffee”


1> Package your coffee shit
2> Sell it as coffee
3> profit!

worked for the mongoose


bahahha sounds like an entrepreneur here!!


Don’t worry Clipper, everything makes me shit!!


A significant pre-workout shit is important for the heavy squat days. :wink:

Also, late to the party: GC is a cool dude, I will NEVER be okay with a corporation not telling the consumer what chemicals they’re ingesting. The only prop blend I’ve bought in years was White Diamond Reserve, which is similarly designed (ergogenics transparent, stims hidden), so that’s somewhat hypocritical of me, but I wasn’t “okay with it” when they did it, I just wanted to try it.


I don’t doubt he’s a cool dude, and I haven’t heard him actually weigh in on why he did it, but whatever his friend/partner/etc. keeps saying on FB is just digging it deeper and making GC seem like he has a God complex, which he probably doesn’t. Maybe he will open it up a bit eventually once it’s established. Or maybe he’ll give more details to people if/when they ask, but not put it on the label for some reason. I’ve actually seen that happen a few times for some reason, but right now it’s just a bad look IMO.


The point that really hit home with me when it came to Proprietary Blends was made by our very own @Mike when he stated that it allows the company to ‘change up the formula’ from batch to batch without the consumer knowing. Which is within their right, but explains why when I used to buy proprietary formulas that one container/bottle would work great and the next one was ‘eh’…


That’s a GREAT point. One batch can have great doses and balance, but then once people come to know the name and the reputation, they can cheapen it up. The same thing goes with when a company just says “extract.” Or even “standardized extract.” They can have their first run of rhodiola standardized for 3% rosavin and 2% salidroside, and then the next run have 1% rosavin and no salidroside if they want.


I wish the isopropylnorsynephrine was disclosed. That’s a hard one to come by and most of the products (including Mesomorph and Steel Amped AF) don’t disclose it. I thought Hi Tech’s dose was pretty low as it’s always last ingredient. Curious about pre’s that dose it higher, and how much higher


Now that’s a word that should be on a spelling bee


There’s the bill joke!


Anyone here use kratom?

What are your experiences with it?


Hey everyone - not to be “that” guy, but let’s try and reserve this thread for new product stuff. Feel free to create a new thread for in-depth discussion about a product, ingredient, or the Guerilla Chemist.

; )


Depends on the strain, alongside dosage. Stimulant wffects or sedative, it varies


3 capsule products being added to nutrabio