New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Wait til Cyber Monday. : )


The reality is that there are sales all year / look at A1. Although I did get new Nike Free trainers for half price…


That looks good but they gonna get into some trouble for using that sodium nitrate without Ron’s patents.


Amen brother. If Ron consented though, they need not express it on the label to be liable to a civil suit.

I’m curious if they were able to get it though. Otherwise, they’re in for a fun lawsuit.


Nutrabio had a great sale. 25 percent off everything. That’s the best deal they have ever had. Not sure if it goes until Monday or not.


Not sure how those laws work exactly, but it’s a UK company, so does that still apply?


Thats right! Didn’t see that, but honestly idk, maybe Matt knows?


@Matt_Towson Your thoughts, lawyer guy?


Honestly most patents to me look ridiculous, especially in relation to drugs.
I really wish they would do away with the patent system, I think it does more harm then good.


It was initially designed for a good reason, then people found out you can patent something and sit on it with the intention of suing everybody that tries to use it. Literally a baiting system


yea man something like sodium nitrates should be for anyone to use without restriction


Absolutely, but only if they sell/market in the United States. Via the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, any foreign entity that attempts to sell/market anything in the stream of commerce is subject to U.S. federal law.

This would open the door for Ron to file his civil suit against them. Not sure what he would choose to sue them for… there are several options. Really it depends on what would get him the biggest payout.


Like this?


I think I remember this. It had something to do with some individuals hiking patent over multiple people heads if I remember correctly


What do you guys think about 6g of betaine? I was thinking of buys dvst8 white diamond and noticed that. Thoughts??


It’s awesome. You do notice a difference with it. No sides from the high dose that I know of either


Sounds like overkill. The clinical dose is 2.5g, and I believe it has to build up in your system (like creatine and beta alanine), too. Probably generating expensive pee at that dosage. :confused:




Yea that what I was thinking when I saw that


Haven’t heard of a build up period. Maybe it’s placebo, but I notice increased strength when taken in high doses