New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Let me know how it tastes in oats!


It was really good. Tasted like a mushy Gingerbread cookie. The aroma alone is incredible. I have oats as cold “overnight” style. I imagine this protein tastes great in warm oats too. I’ll try that Friday.


I’ve been playing around with Repp Sports Funnel Cake but haven’t tried it in oats yet. I am a HUGE advocate for 1st Phorm though and they just dropped their new product/apparel for Black Friday. One item is “Christmas Nog” protein. I’ve been hearing great things so far


I totally disagree. I tried their sour batch flavor of pre workout, Game Day, awhile back. It was disgusting. Tasted absolutely nothing like any sour patch candy I ever had. In fact, it was so bad, I didn’t finish the tub. I threw it out and bought something else.
Unless they completely revamped the flavor and product since, it was one of the worst tasting ever.


All of their sour batch kids flavored products seem to taste different, which makes sense considering the ingredient differences. ISO-Amino sour batch taste way different from the brainbridge. I like both of those… wasn’t a huge fan of the Game Day flavor myself, it was a solid pre from what I remember.


GaneDay tastes like shit but I would say it’s because it’s actually formulated with what it advertises lol Dmha and others taste terrible and it actually had it


any discount codes on 1st phorm? I saw the deals but their protein is still absurdly expensive


Maybe a bad tub? Not sure what happened there.


It’s really meant to be bought in stores. Usually everything is $10-$20 cheaper. No, they are a very premium brand


Muscle tech is really pushing cindura, I kind of wish they would make a standalone, but this look like a good formula, as long as its not 2$ or something.


Muscletech has developed into a pretty good company. I remember working at gnc back in 2012, and laughing at some of the ridiculous claims on their protein powders.

Now, when I look at some of the products they’ve come out with, I’m actually impressed.


Me either but it was terrible. The only worse flavored pre workout I had was the original MTS Clash fruit punch. That stuff tasted like battery acid…LOL


Yeah, the effects were good but I just couldn’t stomach that taste…Yuck…LOL


Their products are frequently available on killer deals. They start out overpriced, but once they go on sale it can be a great value. Also, they stick with some high doses of yohimbine that even hardcore companies like Olympus and PES have moved away from.


moving away from Y is smart IMO
makes you easier to sell in the international market, plus some people do not enjoy the sides.


I love their new Vapor one pre.


That’s on its way to me right now :slightly_smiling_face:


Serum Code: Pump from BioHack Pharmaceuticals


Was pretty unimpressed with this Black Friday’s sales. Did pick up a MAN Scorch powder, just to have a bulk amount of Caffeine With Benefits to keep at work, so I’ll report on that when it arrives.


Agreed. Only thing I bought wasn’t even supplements, it was GymShark! Only had one friend utilize the primeval sale and that’s about it.