New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Any word on when the new Xtend protein is dropping? Not sure if I want to go crazy with Cyber Monday deals on top of my haul from Black Friday.


come on candy cane, dont suck!


I know one thing
Mega Pre won’t let you down


Let me know what you think about the Mega Pre black


Ah! Review ASAP!


Mega Pre Black is soooo legit. Love that stuff. The og Mega Pre is solid too, but I definitely need stims when training at 6am.

Picked up Olympus Superior Protein in mocha mermaid and blueberry along with the RE1GN replacement, I Am Supreme, in Lion’s Blood and cherry. Will likely post a review thread once all tried! :grin:


I Am Supreme Black Magic = Re1gn just a different name. Same exact formula
The new I Am Supr3me has not been released yet (Should have added Dynamine and other goodies in there)

Curious what they are gonna do with that new one, and the No Mercy (NON-STIM) that is yet to come out.


Definitely excited for No Mercy. Should be interesting I’d imagine.

I’m more so just excited to try the supposedly improved (again) flavors for IAS.


Their reps on AM Stated they have a new pump ingredient in there that has not been on the market. Eager to see the research and what it brings to the table.


In a word - I’m a fan of MegaPre Black


Mega Pre Black has been on my bucket list. If I wasn’t pouring pre-workout and caffeine out of my ears, I would have picked up a tub.


BOGO at A1…

i think all Primeval is BOGO over there… u reading this Robert? send me a tee shirt or something. :slight_smile:


A1 sales are great…the BOGO is outstanding…Beats out Amazon pricing etc…good to see…


Trade you a White Flash, if you have an unopened one :grin:


Well there goes more $$ out the window. Mega Pre Black on its way :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

Price is full stupid at bbcom.
25% off… B1G1 50% off… free shipping… 10% off codes. All stackable :star_struck:

All I really take alongside this is Ashwagandha…and I’ve been nailing my PL’s lately :sunglasses:


At nearly 1$ a serving its a very nice deal.
In general I think stacking Vapor X5(when you can get it at 50 cents a serving) with L citruline is one of the best value preworkouts out at the moment.


MT has definitely stepped their game up with formulas, nice to see. Will be trying Vapor X5 one of these days since I handle yohimbine well.


I’m using Vapor1 and the 1.8 mg of yohimbine is actually hitting me lol