New MTS Whey Ice Cream Sandwich Flavor

New MTS Whey Ice Cream Sandwich Flavor


This new MTS whey protein flavor…Ice Cream Sandwich is coming out next week. I love his proteins. I am definitely trying this one. Sounds real good! Picture preview courtesy of Marc Lobliner…


I’m trying to figure out what that would taste like…(I know I know Ice cream sandwich)…But is it more cookies and cream like? Just curious…


Yeah, I was thinking it would be similar to a cookies and cream flavor too. Maybe like those Fat Boy Ice cream sandwiches… I am very curious about it.


I saw the post from Marc…but didn’t look at it in much detail…do you/we know if it’s only being offered in 5 LB containers? Personally I like to have options when it comes to my protein powder flavors…and the 2 LB containers are much easier to cycle through…But that’s just me.


oh good lord!

That sounds awesome! MTS whey flavors are some of the best on the market.


As of now, yes. I wish he did all the flavors in a 2 lb tub so it would be more cost feasible to try more flavors.


Yeah, I thought…Yum when I first saw this. I agree, his do taste really good. That mint cookies and cream is the best mint protein I have tried.



I don’t normally get excited about proteins anymore but this is going to be amazing! Love MTS Whey.


I’m soooooo excited for this. The C&C MTS Whey is incredible as is and Marc is hyping this one up to be the best. I’m broke from this past weekend, but will be ordering once this drops or possibly just hold out for a hopeful Christmas special/sale. Can’t wait!


Never tried any of the MTS whey flavors but this sounds good. I’ll try them soon enough


You gotta try them. The only protein that has tasted better to me is the the Peanut butter ISO-100 by Dymatize.


Never tried MTS, I tend to stay with a select few proteins. But I just may have to get some.


More of a vanilla and chocolate mix. ETB Has the same flavor (Vanilla ice cream) think a glorified vanilla with hints of cocoa. You could easily do this by mixing half chocolate half vanilla.



MTS seriously stepped up the flavoring once they realized their users are cool with some carbs!!! Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream = heaven


Truth. MTS Whey taste is awesome and worth the extra few grams of carbs and fat. My only issue is that it gives me stomach discomfort. For that reason, I stick to isolates over concentrate blends.

I’m sure this flavor will be great.


Marc just posted a video ‘taste test’ with his kids on Twitter for ice cream sandwich


Man, I’ve never tried MTS, but for as much as y’all are hyping it, and how CJ loved the Ruckus(?), next time they have a brand sale I may have to load up.


You just missed their 2 biggest sales for 20 and 25% off their brand.
PB Cookies and Cream, CnC, Pumpkin, and Red Velvet are safe and quality flavors.


Everyone should try a tub. I tell my clients that if all they care about is taste (not necessarily a few extra fat or carbs calories), then MTS Whey is what they should get.

It won’t disappoint.


Have you tried adding your own lactase?

You can either add like 7 lactase drops or take a lactase / digestive enzyme pill (that contains lactase) to help.

There’s definitely some whey concentrate in this stuff!