Love the theanine change, I see you upped higenamine too at some point, both good changes. Hefty dose of that Eria, love it. Full citrulline and Vaso is awesome. Looking forward to it!



: )

What have you noticed with Eria? At and what dose?


Eria is probably my second favorite “stim” assuming you count it as such. Doses above 100mg are nice when coupled with other exotic stuff. Above that, with hordenine, Eria can stand alone pretty well. Gets me going for tougher days where I’m not too happy about going to the gym


perfect…thank you so much…

That’s great to know! I was kinda iffy, some people like it while others are like eh…

But I believe it needs to be paired up with things at the right dosage like you said

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It should be quite potent, especially at such a high dose as yours

You have to be careful with too large of a dose of Eria though. All of the feedback as of recent is the comedown isn’t a crash but pretty much a depressed state. I love it but it has some pretty horrid drawbacks in large doses


Likely due to the short life in the body I’d say. Maybe hordenine’s effects will reduce that

Ya eria is like yomhimbe, at higher doses you need to design around it and have stuff in there to deal with the side effects.
Maybe use longer lasting PEAs at lower doses and let the shorter lasting ones do the heavy lifting, along with some adaptogens.

I was afraid of that

Exactly why i put only 75mg in first formula

I know it’s supposed to actually treat depression but idk everyones different i presume

I figured other pre workout such as hypermax
(I know that have PEA as well)

But they dont even have theanine or things of that sort and have a shit of yohimbine

People like it so anecdotally i dont see the eria at that dose being too bad but im no expert

What do you think? And what would you like seeing it paired up with?

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75mg-150mg seems to be the sweet spot, but anything 150mg+ is where the comedown is terrible for me personally. I believe theanine will help with the steady energy, and accompanying stims such as hordenine and tyramine help too. There’s so many different ingredient combinations out there

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Now you mentioned, is that by itself?

With the Coq10
Magnesium and theanine, hordenine and higenamine

I believe the Eria at 175mg won’t be bad. Will have to test it out obviously.

However, i think this is the breaking point to where it can either be perfect or just slightly off.

Either way I need a bigger surge for the gym. This way people looking for new preworkouts espiecally those who tolerate C4…will feel this really well.

What longer lasting Peas are you thinking about?

I’m honestly not to familiar with too many exotic stims so to speak.

Im trying to steer away from yohimbine and Tyramine

Plus tyramine from what I’ve seen
Doesn’t even work the way people think it does.

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Eria actually has a longer lasting effect with a half life of 4-6 hours

At least some research says though

Who knows…wish we had more studies

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Maybe test the waters with a dose from 100mg-175mg and see where everyone likes it most

For sure…

Btw what has been your favorite high stim pre workout with eria ? without dmha or anything of that sort though

I don’t want people getting bad reactions to this

have you seen spazmatic though?

Similar ingredients to mine actually but I have more higenamine and hordenine etc

This whole thing is so interesting

My favorite has to be split between two different ones so far. Loco by Myoblox and Hypermax XT by performax

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Okay! Cool!

I’m most likely going to get the new one sampled and see how it is…

I think it’ll be easier to market though since it has full Vaso-6 and more glycerpump

the pump will be insane.

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If you’re trying to get this to the masses, I will suggest you dumb down your label a bit. Take a look at what Jym and Kaged muscle did on their labels. Putting ingredients in categories, etc.

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Such as “stim blend”

endurance blend etc?

i agree with you on that one

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I just realized that on my weekend morning workouts, I’m taking 275 mg eria, and I love it! I don’t think I crash either. 75 mg from a Radiate Cap, and 200 mg from a scoop of Total War.