Hey Priceplow!

So I posted here a bit ago about the pre workout im working on.

Everyone’s reviews and opinions were outstanding. I can’t thank you all enough for the support and friendly criticism!

Just posting a little update now… I’m finishing up the website and will be testing the formula out more soon before i launch it officially.

So far people are LOVING blueberry lemonade.

I’ve had about 30 people taste it but just a few have had a full scoop it. The few have said so far that it is very well balanced and gives you a nice boost of energy with literally no down feeling, jitters or crash through out the day.

Testers also liked the tingling feeling. My buddy i work with has tried every pre under the sun and he loved the product. However I’m not sure if the following is a good or bad thing…

He worked a 12 hour day and got off work at 8:15…drank the pre got to the gym like 8:30
He said it worked super fast and was tingling and stuff on the way there lol. Which of course given BA.
Then proceeded to workout for an hour before the gym closed on him.

He said it sucked cause he wanted to keep going lol. Like i said he felt good and relaxed in a sense…one thing he noted too was that he was able to fall asleep around 11 and slept super good which he loved despite taking it not too long ago. Now I’m not sure if thats a good thing but my dad also was taking it and he works 14 hour days which hed work out in the afternoon like 12-1ish and be good all the way home…i noticed he was in a better mood and less anxious/stressed than usual also. He usually has restless sleep and said he actually slept really well that night.

To each there own. IMO it sounds like people are getting the best of both worlds. I am unsure however considering people will boast on how if they take a certain pre workout they cant sleep etc and it gives them SOOOO much energy. I know most people dont like that but i am scared those people wont get a huge effect.

Please let me know what you all think! And from personal experience what you would prefer.

The label is just awaiting finishing touches but this is what the formula is now.

I also made a more powerful version mock up as well. Which one do you guys think youd rather see hit the market?

Also I would love to send a tub to priceplow Mike and CJ…would anyone know how to do so?

Thank you so much for all your support and looking forward to what you all think!


Thanks for updating us! I’ve mailed to @Mike but I’m unsure whether he’d be comfortable with me sharing his address so you’ll have to wait until he gets to this thread. Good to hear that the flavor is going over well.

As far as the situation with no trouble sleeping from some, this is likely due to a moderate caffeine amount, coupled with the large dose of theanine, as well as the fact that Dynamine is only a CNS stimulant, and doesn’t affect you cardiovascularly, as caffeine does. Magnesium I believe also helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and as such, helps promote restful sleep. So you may get nice energy from it, but it is smoothed out over the course of your workout.


I’m pretty interested in this given the unique formula


Youre the man!

I appreciate everything you have done so far.

I may down the theanine to 90 mg and yes the magnesium helps recovery, energy and does promote better sleep.

Would you rather have the smooth energy as it is right now or a little bit more surge that is also smoothed out?

From the feedback I’ve had so far it seems people prefer the smooth energy rather than the sort of crackhead surge most of these pre workouts give you.

I’m thinking of lowering the Dynamine to 20mg, upping the eria and VASO-6 for pumps
i’d rather have the proven things work given that Dynamine is expensive and works best when combined with other stims.

I looked at agmatine but from what i have seen, it shares the same pathway as citrulline in which they begin to inhibit each others effectiveness.

ALSO I was looking at Olympus Labs website and they tell you that VASO-6 is 10x more effective than Citrulline.

Bunch of morons if you ask me. Not sure where they got that from considering it clearly says that Vaso-6 is 10x more effective than L-ARGININE smh

I would love to send some priceplow members free tubs when it comes out so keep that in mind too : )

Thank you so much Anthony!!!

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Thank you for your support!!!

I’m a stim-junkie, so I prefer the cracked out feeling, but in the interest of appealing to a larger demographic, I say keep the smooth energy approach.

Anecdotally, even 200mg of active dynamine (see priceplow’s Fulcrum review) isn’t something to rave about. I’d say maybe trash Dynamine altogether, due to its high price

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True…I just want to try to get the perfect balance though…I’m not sure if I like the fact that it won’t keep people in a sense. Like I said though, to each their own.

I want the surge without the anxiousness, yohimbined out, super tingle, that also relies on dhma and shit that takes no effort to create.

I was using Dynamine because it’s new…helps with marketing obviously, and people liked teacrine so I figured lets give it a shot.

I’m not too impressed though. I don’t think much will be needed considering other stims. Which I can still use for marketing. Some might be better than none in a sense.

I updated the google doc, would you be able to take a look and tell me how that formula thinks instead?

Regardless I am going to lower the dynamine and up the Eria Jarensis+ Vaso6

This will help keep the product at a reasonable price also.

I did see Fulcrum and it angered me lol. Dynamine tastes god awful and for the expense, I’m not really sure I understand what they were doing/ trying to achieve.

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Love the updated one. I say stick with that, it’s looking good


Awesome…I’m gonna see how much samples are gonna be

I think the updated one is what a lot of people would be looking for given my first post here as well. Beta alanine is pissed out when taking more than 1.6g at a time essentially anyways and won’t really work for people that are used to it or don’t like the feeling too hard.

Nothing in the supplement is going to constrict blood flow so the pump is going to be ridiculous if I can get it up to 1000mg glycerpump as well.

I would still like to know Mike, Cj and Matt’s opinions on the current one but into the production I am most likely going to go with the updated.

BTW I’ll hook you up a crap ton with whatever I can down the road.

Awesome, thanks man!

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Man, I think that would be awesome. Personally I haven’t found a sweet spot for dynamine and can’t tell if it’s worth a damn honestly. I personally at this point this it’s a flop


yeah hard to say…I’d just rather put in more ingredients that are going to actually work instead.

I’ll put just a tad to market lol dont hate me D: ahaha

but i’m gonna try to do my best to get 1000mg glycerpump and 300mg Vaso-6

upping the hordenine, higenamine, and Eria combo is going to be huge to give a nice surge of smooth energy.


Naw, we know you’ve gotta get that foot in the door. It’s a tough market to break into.


I’m excited for this. It’s looking like a standout product. Keep us updated!


I don’t find dynamine to really be that strong. This is still very much a moderate stim category. Stim junkies will need 2 scoops and probably be priced out.

Also, bulk dynamine is 30 cents for 100 mg on amazon and doesn’t taste too awful.

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thank you so much! if you can the google doc is updated…let me know what you think!

Most likely i’m going to go with that formula.

for sure. Yes…I don’t want it to be super stimmed but give you a nice surge of energy to hit the gym and make you want to go.

Then by all means…I cut it down to 50mg at 40% but upped the more important things…

Check out the google doc if you can! Tell me what you think…most likely I am going to be using that formula.


the lowest I could go is 50mg at 40% though…

Let me know what you think on the new updated google doc!

Hey brother…

I updated the google doc with the final form

That’s what it would be…

Let me know what you think!

It is on the lower side as far as stims so I want to focus on the pump and endurance as well as adding more eria etc for a better surge of smooth energy

Lowered the theanine from 150 to 60 as I already have magnesium and things of that sort to help relax. Magnesium is an anti depressant in its own as it is.