MyFitnessPal and Accountability: Shall We Play a Game?

Hey fam! So, unlike @Matt_Towson and @TheChadd, I unfortunately have never stayed true to logging my diet on MyFitnessPal. But the absolute fact is that I need to if I want to stop looking and being so weak.

My awful under-eating is obviously a problem and intrinsic motivation ain’t doing it for me. I need some of that extrinsic pressure.

Good news is that this is PricePlow, we have a small but fierce crew here, and we can automate anything. Including… checking diet logs (if you set them public here), keeping score, rewarding winners, and punishing losers.

What would you have checked for accountability?

Let’s say PricePlow could check your diet daily and award “points” (or just a PASS/FAIL) if you achieved certain basic diet stats. What would you want checked?

For me, it’s simple:

  1. Log at least three different meals
  2. Get at least 145g protein per day (this is low to many, but 150-155 is my ceiling for keto).
  3. Maybe have a minimum calories, 2700 would work. Non workout days I may not need that much though, but don’t want to over-complicate things.

Note that this is for a “Minimum Viable Product” so the features would need to be quite basic. The computer can’t tell if you’re eating 4 servings of vegetables, for instance.

What would your carrot / stick be?

At first, we’d just start tracking and dumping the ‘scores’ to a forum thread or something like that.

But in phase 2, we could have monthly winners and losers. “Carrots” won’t work for me personally, so I’d be down to put money on the line as a “stick” – for instance, if I fail on a day, I owe money to my charity of choice (Patriot PAWS).

My goal is for the community who needs extrinsic push to join me on a little… journey… if you will :open_mouth:

Let me know what you’d love to be held accountable like this somehow. It’d only track diet for now, but training logs could be as well if things went well.

So… shall we play a game?



No idea if I’d be in just yet, but this is an awesome idea

I second @Nappy_Nerd. I’m awfully lazy with MyFitnessPal past just getting my protein for the past couple months. Early on in my diet/lifting regimen I was as strict as possible with it, but I got real lazy real quick

So I don’t use MyFitness Pal - but I do track daily using my good scale and good ole’ math! Check it out!

Do you stay that diligent even while not prepping?

Lol calling me out :laughing:!
Now that I am pretty sure I’ve found my BMR with keto IF and 4 days lifting (thinking it’s about ~2400-2600 cal/day), I am much more lax on meal tracking. I just make sure I get around 1k calories with ~1:1 grams fat to protein at lunch, then dinner I just eat until satiation. On OMAD days, I really don’t target anything, just eat until I’m full. I sometimes check-in to see what I’m getting just out of curiosity.

Next shred, I would certainly start tracking everything again.

However, an incentive for me? Hmm…holy crap…how about tracking ketone levels? Morning fasting ketones maybe?

And donating to charity of choice works to start. It can evolve.

Yeah - but in the offseason, I use IIFYM more liberally. Generally, 100g of my daily carbs re “dirty” in the offseason (cereal, poptarts, etc…) and then I will have a cheat meal once a week and eat only protein/greens leading up to that meal.

It seems to help keep me hovering around 10-11% bodyfat year round.


My big problem is sticking to my macros on the weekends. I do great with buying enough groceries and batch cooking enough for M through F and then it tends to fall apart on Saturday and Sunday.

My goal would be to track AND hit my macros Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know what my carrot or stick would be, though… hmm…


Bodybuilding contest. : )

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Not with this belly there won’t be!

Such a bro

So it seems like we’ll keep things basic:

Choose 1 or more of the options:

  • Max and/or Min Calories per day
  • Max and/or Min Carbs
  • Max and/or Min Fat
  • Max and/or Min Pro

Regarding @AfroPope’s weekend thing - the above options kind of include that. Missing Saturday is lost points.

Perhaps an option would be double-point-weekends. I don’t think that’d be so hard. I’ve had the same issues in my former lives.

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Damn, I must be a weirdo or something. When I get down to around 11% I’m always hungry and tired, even on keto and IF. Starting to think that I’m too old to permanently keep a low BF%, hahaha.

Anyhow, as far as logging goes, it’s pretty easy. Usually eat the same stuff throughout the week so I just copy the meals to different days. Unless of course my BF gets to a certain point and I freak out and scarf down a half jar of peanut butter. At that point I say fuck it and stop logging for the day, LMAO…


But…pop tarts are delicious sir. Wild berry is one of the GOAT flavors


Sounds like a good idea, but we got to take your punishment for failing up a notch. For ex. If you fail multiple days the point leader gets to pick what Hello Kitty shirt you wear on the next video


Southern boy here, representing Red Velvet and Sugar Cookie! #BringBackRedVelvetPopTarts


Got off my butt and started the ball moving on this.

I legit haven’t tracked a calorie since writing this thread and really need to start. Extrinsic motivation for me.

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