Muscle Elements AminoPM - Sleep gains!

Muscle Elements AminoPM - Sleep gains!


Huge shoutout to @MuscleElements for the opportunity to log AminoPM. I’ll be adding nice pictures and much more depth to the review soon, but I just wanted to get it started with some initial thoughts. My first reply in this thread will be a quick, initial review. Tomorrow I will add pictures and depth. :slight_smile:

Here’s the wonderful care package sent:

Very nice touch with the hand written note, and the shaker bottle is really nice quality!

Being that this is PricePlow, what’s a review without weighing out the scoop?!

I made sure to lightly pack the scoop. It’s not slammed tight, but it’s not too loose. You can see it also dips down a touch going toward the right of the picture.


Serving size is 11.1g, so the scooper scoops a bit heavy. As always, simply weigh out your scoops, peeps!


Night 1

My fiancé, Brittney, wants to come along for the AminoPM trip, so i’ll also be posting her thoughts as we continue to use this…with 1 caveat (i’ll explain below…).

Last night was our first dose of AminoPM and it went as follows:

Me: 2 scoops, 11oz hot water (thinking i’d make this resemble a tea)
Brittney: 1 scoop, about 7oz hot water

Immediate Effects: Brittney started feeling calm and sleepy within 10 minutes. It took me a good half hour to start feeling like “okay, time for bed”. She’s also less than 130lbs and i’m 190lbs with typically high tolerances.

During Sleep/Morning Effects: Brittney can be a tough sleeper. Her mind is usually never stopping so she wakes up anywhere from 1-3 times a night sometimes. She woke up this morning and said she slept well, so that’s a plus. I sleep fairly easy and can’t say there was much to note with my sleep pattern with AminoPM last night.

We both woke up feeling good and refreshed. I can’t perfectly assess HOW good we felt - i’ll need some more tests to really examine this.

Taste: I don’t want to judge this too early because it could’ve simply been my stupid idea to make this like a “hot tea” lol. It was gag worthy. I’ll edit my first post to reflect this since I totally forgot, but we received the Pineapple Mango flavor. I’m going to try it in really cold water tonight and pray, but my hopes are not high at the moment unfortunately. I’m not even sure I could convince Brittney to try it again, so we’ll see. I may be riding out the rest of this review solo.

All in all, I liked the first dose of this. I’m stoked to use it tonight because I could really use a proper sleep tonight. We hung out with some friends we haven’t seen in a bit and I did my diet dirty. Luckily, 1) i’m trying to put on some mass, and 2) I can’t remember the last time I actually cheated on my diet, so not too concerned. I just feel like crap lol.


I haven’t tried it warm, hmm

Appreciate with you and Brittany trying this.

It is hard to mask some of the ingredients but knock on wood the taste will grow on you.

Looking forward to the journey


Honestly I got the idea for a warm sleep aid mixture from another review of some other random sleep aid… Not sure which one, but it wasn’t the best decision lol. My next two nights of reviews are on the way!

I also got some pictures up in the first post. :slight_smile:


Night 2

Okay, okay… This time my fiance and I both tried AminoPM cold.

Me: 2 scoops, 12oz cold water
Brittney: 1 scoop, 8oz cold, unsweetened lemon flavored iced tea to try and change the flavor up a bit

Immediate Effects: Again, Brittney got “heavy eyes”, as she says, within about 10 minutes. I felt it kick in in about a half hour. The flavor was much more tolerable with our cold drinks. We practically had to gag this down while warm, so being cold was better.

During Sleep/Morning Effects: We both slept great and woke up great. Brittney explicitly stated that she felt really good in the morning, so I think she’s starting to get some great effects from AminoPM. I didn’t even have to ask her.

As of night 2, I was happy with the effects on my sleep, but didn’t feel anything extraordinary is all. Brittney seems to be reeling in all of the effects so far. Night 3 review will be immediately following this since night 2 was Saturday into Sunday, and night 3 was Sunday into Monday.


Night 3

Me: 2 scoops, 16oz cold water to try and dilute this down even further
Brittney, 1 scoop, 8oz cold, unsweetened lemon flavored iced tea

Immediate Effects: The same as they have been. We both got tired within 10 and 30 minutes.

During Sleep/Morning Effects: Last night we accidentally left our heat on when it didn’t get much below 37-38 degrees last night, so, needless to say, we were both a bit hot last night thus sleep suffered. I don’t expect AminoPM to keep me asleep while I’m sweating, so both of our sleeps were meh last night. However, I woke up feeling a bit drowsy before my workout, but overall had a fantastic morning. My body feels great today after feeling completely run down by end of day Friday. Even though I didn’t have the best sleep, I feel totally refreshed and ready to take on the week.

As for Brittney, she had a worse sleep than me AND she has to train earlier than usual all this week because she has to be at work earlier than usual all week. She got to the gym around 7, about an hour later than me, so I ended up seeing her and asking how she was doing. She was moving some good weight, slightly above average, so I have a feeling she’s well-rested, even after a crappy sleep.

What I’m getting as is - AminoPM seems to be aiding in our recovery and restfulness, even if we didn’t get proper sleep.

Now that we have our scoop:liquid ratio down, I’m excited to continue using this. I won’t lie though - the flavor is not something I would buy. Understandably, the ingredients are tough to mask, so I can’t really blame Muscle Elements for this. I’ll report back tomorrow morning!


Damn, this stuff sounds pretty solid! I really want to try it, but I’m concerned the licorice extract might impact my blood pressure. How much is in there? I can’t find the label anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve taken licorice supps back in the day to help when I used to have reflux, and had a crazy spike in bp.


@TheChadd 50 mgs per scoop.

@blongo804 as weird as it sounds, nights I personally use Amino PM, I feel fully rested with less sleep. Be sure to cycle on and off every few days


Oh, I think that’s tiny. I think the stuff I was taking was 350-400 mg. 50 mg might be low enough for me to play with it. Thanks!


I’ll take your word for it! That’s actually good to know as some nights I get to sleep later than others accidentally. I believe the label says to use 5 nights on, 2 off, so I’ll use it accordingly.


@blongo804 obviously everyone’s body is different.


For sure. I did actually go to bed about an hour later last night. It made it slightly harder to get up, but once I was out of bed, I was ready to go. I actually still feel good right now, no afternoon crash at work yet like I usually get. Can’t wait to try AminoPM out again tonight!


Looking like the product is being enjoyed. Glad you’re drinking it cold now, i prefer the grape flavor but used the pineapple mango back in the day and enjoyed it. But always drank cold. Lol.


Trust me, continue drinking cold! lol

Grape sounds tasty though. :slight_smile:


In case you were wondering, probably over at Knocked The F Out Review | Bodybuilding Sleep Aid Supplement


Ah ha… That explains it! Haha


Night 4

Me: 2 scoops, 16oz cold water to try and dilute this down even further
Brittney, 1 scoop, 8oz cold, unsweetened lemon flavored iced tea

Immediate Effects: The same as they have been. We both got tired within 10 and 30 minutes.

During Sleep/Morning Effects: Last night we both knocked out waaaay early. Brittney had a longer day than usual and she was whooped by 9pm or so. We chugged down AminoPM and fell right to sleep. I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Lower body day went awesome today! Brittney met me at the gym and claimed she felt exactly the same and had an amazing sleep. She still tosses and turns at night, but I think the AminoPM effects are helping to rejuvenate her properly still.

Loving this product so far! I’m thinking i’ll probably cycle off this for Friday and Saturday night, then back on Sunday night. :slight_smile:


Night 5 & 6

Apologies everyone! I forgot to post yesterday since I was absolutely slammed at work, which is usually when I’m posting lol.

Me: 2 scoops, 16oz cold water
Brittney: 1 scoop, 8oz cold, unsweetened lemon flavored iced tea

Immediate Effects: I actually think this stuff is getting stronger as I take it. Maybe I’m building up the ingredients in my system? On night 5, AminoPM kicked me pretty good, but on night 6, last night, man it nearly knocked me off my feet. Brittney has been feeling the effects from 1 scoop constantly, but last night was the hardest hit 2 scoops has given me. Also, on night 5, I fell asleep after drinking this and woke up about 5 minutes later thinking I missed half the show… Came to find out, I missed a whole five minutes. Interesting.

During Sleep/Morning Effects: Brittney and I are both getting great sleep with AminoPM. I’m waking up feeling nice and refreshed constantly. My lifts have been fantastic this week, PR’s all over the place, and my morning energy, in general, is great.

Brittney, on the other hand, i’m not sure is feeling this way. Her days are about two hours longer this week due to having a longer work day for this week only, so she has been generally run down. I’m actually going to suggest she tries 1.5-2 scoops tonight to try and get a better/more refreshing sleep. I’m assuming she’ll be down for it, so I will be sure to report back tomorrow morning!

As mentioned, we will be taking Friday and Saturday night off from AminoPM to take a small break from it.


I’m noticing a similar effect with a competiting product. Been about a week taking it, and it seems to get stronger each night. Interestingly though, I fall asleep faster but staying asleep is getting worse. I wake up several times at night uncomfortably tired (not sure how else to explain the feeling), having difficulty falling back to sleep.


Anything new and exciting?