Knocked The F Out Review | Bodybuilding Sleep Aid Supplement

Knocked The F Out Review | Bodybuilding Sleep Aid Supplement
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CJ gave me a tub of this, and it definitely makes me tired about 30-45 min after I take it. The problem with this and other OTC sleep aids (e.g. Benedryl) for me is it just makes me more tired, but doesn’t help me fall asleep. I’ll just lay there really tired, unable to sleep. At least when I finally fall asleep with this, I pretty much stay asleep.

This was my first sleep supp. I need to find something that will knock me out right away, and not just make me more tired. I haven’t tried phenibut yet. Any other suggestions?

Oh, as for taste…This stuff looks like mud, but tastes great. I drink it with piping hot water, just like tea.

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Muscle Elements AminoPM - Sleep gains!
Muscle Elements AminoPM - Sleep gains!

As someone who also struggles with what you described, Legion’s Lunar has been really treating me right. Not long after drinking it, this deep haze hits, and if i try, I can fall asleep almost immediately during it.

But I once made the mistake of finishing a conversation I was having before trying to sleep. The “haze” only seems to last 20-30 minutes, and then it passes and you’re back to being awake.


If you ever get sick of it or wanna send any my way, let me know!


I know exactly what you are talking about!

Hmm…looks like Lunar has Rutaecarpine in it (which I have never heard of until now, lol). It speeds up metabolism of caffeine, which may be part of my problem. I take 200 mg caffeine as part of my pre-workout around 3:30 PM. I normally go to bed around 9:45-10 PM. In theory, the caffeine should be out of my system by then, but maybe not??

I’m taking it every night for now because it’s definitely better than nothing. Will let ya know if I get something else before I finish off the tub.

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