Muscle Elements 212* Powder Sour Gummy Bear Log

Hello All –

First off, a special thank you to @MuscleElements and @Double-s for picking me to complete this log on their 212* powdered fat burner.

I just received my box this evening and will start using the product tomorrow morning for cardio. I received the Sour Gummy Bear flavor and am really excited to give that a try.

If you would like to read up on a log that is already in process on the PricePlow forum, check out @Christianmelon progress at 40 day to hawaii/212 log

In true @PricePlowStaff tradition, I weighed the entire tub to check on the manufacturing QA. The tub should have contained 200g of product. Here are the results:

Well done @MuscleElements !!

In comparison to the flavor that @Christianmelon received, the Sour Gummy Bear flavor is a 5g scoop versus the 6g of the green apple flavor. Macro wise, there is 15 calories per serving coming from 4g of carbs out of the 5g scoop. Not the most ideal for those who follow an IF eating protocol and/or prefer doing fasted morning cardio.

Next update to come after my first use tomorrow.

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Wow I don’t like the sound of that.

Curious about flavor though, sounds great!

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Looking forward to your journey

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Maybe @MuscleElements could explain further if that is the result of label regulations or if it is accurate to say this product is approximately 20% active ingredients and 80% flavoring, sweeteners and other fillers.

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Day 1:

Please note, one full level scoop measured out to be 7g. This is compared to the listed serving size of 5g per scoop. As Robert has said in multiple videos, weigh out your supplements (especially ones with stimulants in them).

I mixed 5g of product into six ounces of cold water per the label directions. After shaking for about 15 seconds, most of the product was mixed. There was a little bit of foam and some sinkers at the bottom but nothing terrible. Since it was only six ounces of water, everything was down the hatch in a few sips.

In terms of the flavor, it is supposed to be Sour Gummy Bear but I did not get that. There was some flavor to the product but I can’t quite put my finger on what the flavor is. With a product that appears to be almost 80% flavors, sweeteners and fillers; I was expecting to be blown away by this flavor. Sadly I wasn’t but it is not bad tasting by any means.

I finished the product approximately ten minutes before starting my LISS cardio session (60 minutes). During the cardio session, I did not notice any increased thermogenesis or sweat production compared to not having taken 212*. There was no change in my heart rate during or post cardio in comparison to not having consumed this product as measured by my heart rate monitor.

As for the rest of the day, nothing else was different compared to the days before I started consuming this product. Appetite was the same. Body temperature was the same. No long lasting caffeine or stimulant buzz. Just a normal day as if nothing changed with consuming 212* in the morning. I will likely follow the same schedule and routine tomorrow and will report on if anything changes compared to today.

Hello Devin. Im not sure what label regulations you believe you’d be referring to in regards that have anything to do with % of actives to total scoop weight.
However, given the label is fully transparent you cant claim the product is using “fillers.” Given this product is a weight loss product and many ingredients are herb/botanicals the base of a fat burner powder is VERY harsh. This is why most fat burners are done in capsules. This product was developed for International sale which could not be sent in capsule form, since then it has gained a lot of popularity in the states as well. We sell 10 flavors Internationally and 6 in the US. The maltodextrin is part of the flavor system that was developed to mask these harsh ingredients. I hope this helped E.Tomko

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Hi Eric –

My statement was in reply to another person who was concerned about the product having 4g of carbs out of a 5g scoop. I wanted to give ME the benefit of the doubt and a chance to explain versus just ignorantly stating the mathematics of a product appearing to be only 20% active ingredients.

I completely understand the difficulty of flavoring a product with harsh ingredients. Just providing honest feedback based on what I see on the label.

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I didnt catch that buddy. Its quite alright. In this industry it pays to be skeptical with all of the unethical people behind so many brands.
Btw the scoop weights has been an issue with my manufacturer and we have since moved to another one that im very confident in their QC. The other is a very large company too but I cant be made to look bad for something that is completely in their control

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Hi Eric,

Is that why soo many products on the site are out of stock?switching manufacturers? Any shops in SFL that have your sample packs? Wanted to try the Orange Post pro and some of the 212 flavors

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Day 2:

Today was pretty much a carbon copy of day one for trying out 212*.

While drinking this today, I concentrated on trying to detect more of a specific flavor to this product. The best I can come up with right now is a slight orange taste. Sadly, nothing more I can report for this category.

As in day one, finished off my scoop about ten minutes before starting cardio. Did the same amount of cardio as day one (60 minutes) and had the same results. No noticeable increase in body temperature or sweating. Felt a slight caffeine kick about 25 minutes into the cardio session which was nice. No crash afterwards or any other negative side effects.

The rest of the day was also the same compared to day one. Went to work in the afternoon and nothing felt different while I was in the office. Have not noticed any effects towards the claims of mood maintenance, reduced appetite or water removal.

For my next session, I am going to increase the serving to see if that has any effect on me. Will likely use a scoop and a half, upping the caffeine to 300mg. Will report back on how that goes.

Yes that is the case.
We have had a very tough time getting the product produced within the timelines needed. We have moved the production of the majority of our products to another manufacturer which is a large undertaking and long process but we are nearing the point of having our inventory back where it needs to be. We will have samples of PostPro soon when the orange cream runs again. Currently the America Pop PostPro is being sold and tastes AMAZING and so will the Orange when we ship it back out with the corrected flavor profile. The stores should have samples of our 212 Coconut Lime. The flavors have been extremely popular, I see that Devin hasnt been a fan of Sour Gummy Bear, it’s not my favorite but people definitely keep buying it. The coconut lime, america pop, pineapple, black lemonade and kiwi strawberry (although only available over seas) are my favorites

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@Devin_Foley I have only tried our Sour Gummy and have nothing to compare it to.

I do know our Candy Apple and America pop is a little different than some of the other similarly flavored products that I have personally tried.

Right now I personally pop between Coconut Lime and Candy Apple but was also on a BLK lemonade kick for a while.

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Day 3:

Friday was the first day I used 212* before a weight lifting workout. Chest and shoulders

I used nine grams of 212* stacked with two scoops of Genius Pre

Nine grams of 212* is almost double the serving size and provided me just shy of 400mg of caffeine along with almost doubling the rest of the active ingredients.

Outside of the caffeine kick and the normal effects that I am used to when taking this pre on its own, there was nothing else to report. No noticeable increase in thermogenesis during or post workout. No effects so far on appetite suppression or noticeable water loss.

Not sure if the effects of the pre overpowered the possible effects of almost doubling the serving of 212* but next I will try the double dose of 212* on its own before a cardio session. That will be my next report.

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Love that you guys are transparent as well, wish more companies would follow suit. So sick of companies giving the generic, I don’t want our formula ripped off or we have alot of R&D invested…

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Especially when someone like Mark from NutraBio blows that whole argument out of the water by saying all any company has to do is buy a tub of the supplement and get it tested. They will then know what exactly is in that product along with the dosages. Yeah, they won’t have the flavoring system but I agree the R&D statement is a line of sh*t

@Devin_Foley will do one better, been seeing a few companies where products in their line are transparent and a few are prop…I question them and they come back with “well our x product is prop because we have put alot if R&D into it and value this time and investment”.……my reply…,.so your transparent label has no R&D and you don’t care if it gets ripped off?

Needless to say crickets after that…

As an aside, anyone in the thread going to Arnold next week?

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Wrong side of the country for the Arnold :frowning:

Day 4:

This log is for Sunday the 25th.

Today was another LISS cardio day before work for me. My dose was nine grams of 212* about ten minutes before starting my cardio.

Sadly there is nothing spectacular to report in terms of the results from almost doubling the dosage for this cardio session. I could feel the energy from the almost 400mg of caffeine but outside of that, there is nothing I can speak to.

I have not noticed any water loss while consuming this product and my appetite has stayed the same. I know the label says that you can consume one serving in the morning and another serving in the afternoon. My next experiment will be trying a second dose later in the day. I am not sure if I will continue to use nine grams for each serving when consuming twice a day versus just once as I am now. Most likely I will use the same nine grams in the morning and only the normal five grams in the afternoon.

As I have a weight based workout tomorrow (Tuesday), the next experiment will happen on Wednesday when I have my next LISS cardio session and work in the afternoon.


Good luck and Appreciate the honest feedback. As we know a supplememt that works great for some doesn’t always for others. It’s the name of the game.

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I already liked Muscle Elements, but this is fantastic. Instead of complaining or making excuses, he actually thanks someone for negative feedback. Well, maybe negative is the wrong word, but pretty lackluster review so far. Anyway, thanks @Double-s, you seem to be a great guy and good representative.