Muscle Elements 212* Powder Sour Gummy Bear Log

@Jeremy, appreciate the kind words. I have been doing this for over 20 yrs, the only thing I hope is that in the game of Life that people look at opinions, comments, survey’s etc and form their own opinions.

Again all I can say just Thank You.


Day 5:

This log is for Wednesday the 28th.

Today was the first day that I took multiple servings of 212* at different times of the day. I still took the nine gram serving in the morning before my LISS cardio and nothing has changed there in comparison to what I have reported on previous days.

My second serving of 212* was the standard five gram dose that I took around three in the afternoon, which is about two hours into my workday. Taking this while at work did help me be a little more productive for the rest of the shift because I had the additional energy jolt. It also felt like I had a little more focus later in the shift when my energy, mood and attention span start to dwindle as the day is coming to a close. This is one time where I was thankful for no increase in body temperature or sweating since that wouldn’t go over very well in an office setting.

While I did have a positive experience taking a second serving while at work; so far the overall results of the product have been lack luster for me. I am not noticing any difference during my cardio sessions or in overall body changes because of water and/or fat loss. No other part of my lifestyle has changed since I started taking 212*.

At this point, I am not sure what other use I could try that would provide better results other than having to keep increasing the dosage. At this point, I do not want to get much higher in caffeine because of a possible crash afterwards.

Day 6:

This log is for Thursday March 1st.

Today was basically a carbon copy of day five in terms of activity and work schedule. I used the same doses in the morning and afternoon and had the same results in terms of energy and focus towards the end of my shift.

Since I am using about three servings per day, the tub is going quickly but thank goodness there was 40 servings to begin with. I will likely continue to use this product in the format described during the past two days because that is where is seems to be most effective. If I choose to try this supplement again, I will most likely go with the pill version because it includes some different ingredients that may improve the results for me.

Love the out of the box variations…although I have to admit, you must be a stim junkie or at least heavy user…3 scoops a day…daamn

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I wouldn’t say I am a complete stim junkie like cough @CJ cough but I do not have a problem handling higher amounts of caffeine within a day. I can also function with no caffeine and often use caffeine free pre workouts. That’s why for this trial I had no problem upping the dosage to try and get the effects of the other active ingredients without too much concern on the caffeine dose.

That’s awesome that you can cease caffeine without the crazy withdrawal

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Hello All

As I am coming to the end of the tub, I wanted to wrap us this log with a final post.

As I mentioned before, my sweet spot seemed to be just short of two scoops in the morning before cardio then another scoop later in the day while at work. I continued that dosing schedule for the rest of the tub while stacking with one additional product, 125mg of TeaCrine.

This combo gave me great long lasting energy and amazing focus during my work day. There was no let down towards the end of the day and the energy was smooth.

Thank you to @MuscleElements for this opportunity and keep being an amazing company looking out for the consumer in an industry full of shady characters.

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Thank you and as always continued success to you and Genius