40 day to hawaii/212 log

So to make this brief/easy I am going to make the first post short I am going to hawaii in 40 day to visit my dad/brother for a while, With this in mind I am going to try to get in as good of a shape as possible.

Now the main supplements I am going to be taking are
Recomp RX every day.
Quake 10.0 or endorush on lifting days.
212 on cardio/other days when it gets here, depending on the feel I may stack it with yohimbe HCL. Hope they don’t mind it being part of this log(if you do message me and I can do it separate)
I will give my opinion on each thing when it is relivant

Day 1, had a bang energy drink and started the first dose of recomp rx as I realized I would be leaving in 40 days
Recomp RX is interesting, its taking a promising ingredient that suffers from poor bioavailablity and adding an delivery system to it. I am not going to get my hopes up too much as the last BSL product I tried did not live up to the hype/research.

Day 2
Training day, went to the gym with my mom, had previously canceled the member ship as I couldn’t go enough to really justify the monthly cost, can’t really do squats/deadlifts properly yet due to poor ankle mobility(which I have slowly been improving) and the policy of requiring shoes to be worn made things difficult(the width of my feet make shoes hard to find and uncomfortable), but am considering starting it up for the month.

Exercises focused on upper body and included, lat pull downs, triceps pull downs, triceps cable cross, several misc forearm exercises that I don’t know the name of, and of course curls.

All were done with Blood flow restriction bands for high reps, Don’t quite have a full opinion on BLR training but it gives good pumps and seems to be giving me good results.

Day 3, Mainly rested as I was sore from the day before, some light cardio. Won’t be able to go to the gym for a few days due to unrelated reasons

Day 4, cardio and a good deal of it, Also pro tip, add cinnamon to your protein shake, it makes most flavors taste better, other pro tip, do not try to mix blue raspberry creatine in with cookies and cream protein powder, it is in fact strong enough to make it taste really weird.

Day 5
A few things came in the mail, one of them being 212
I told them to basically surprise me, they sent me the green apple flavor, but it’s currently too late to take it so I will be trying it tomorrow.

I’m guessing there was either miscommunication, or I am owed a tub of precre XS and post pro :stuck_out_tongue:

Also a picture of every other thing I am going to be taking

Most of this I got on big promotional sales
Green tea extract I paid full price for but it was reasonably cheap
Genius test was the cheapest way of trying out KSM-66 at the time(80% off) and it has some good ingredients which stack well with GTE.
Endorush was a gift from my girlfriend
Quake 10.0 is my current main preworkout due to the formula(15$)
212 I already covered, I got in exchange for a 10 day log, haven’t tried yet
Genius sleep aid, its alright but there are much better product for much cheaper at full price(80% off)
Naringin, full price but was reasonable, not entirely certain if its doing anything
PEAK sx-7, PEAK ATP with longjack, was 10$ and decided to try it. Going to be taking it on lifting days.
Genius burn, interesting blend of nootropics and thermogenics(80% off)
Recomp RX already covered.
Fucoxanthin, I am honestly wondering if it is legitimate, best I can tell all of their supplements at least match what they should look/taste like inside the capsules but they have suspiciously good prices, paypaled both purchases made.
Alpha isolate, haven’t tried yet but it was 10$
Berbine, 2 for 2$, at full price it looks decidedly meh, and it is misleadingly marketed
Fish oil, forget how much it was but was a decent deal. Annoyingly it also does the 2 capsules=1 serving but we imply in marketing that 1 capsule= 1 serving.


Have you tried the Peak SX7? It didn’t do anything for me. I got some from a muscletech rep back in my GNC days. In trying to find out if it worked, I took enormous doses. I actually double dosed it and stacked it with their Shatter SX7 (about 2.5 scoops), so about 1300mg total peak ATP a day. It only lasted 2 weeks at that rate, but no extra energy or endurance, and no strength gain in those 2 weeks. I’ve heard some people like it though.

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Its hard to notice normally, try taking it like 15 minutes before you start doing cardio, do that for like 30 minutes and at some point you’ll stop feeling as tired for a while.
As for the study they did I think it was just that it supported the training.
I don’t think its worth normal asking price but if you find it cheap its worth trying.

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Day 6
Woke up, tried a scoop of 212 with a bit of Y and some ALCAR added in, that likely influenced the taste so I am going to try it again without it before I give it a flavor review.
First impressions of that are good, seems to be flavored toward the granny smith variety.

I did however notice a few things wrong with the label,

First off the formula was changed to no longer include Octopamine and instead has 75 mg hordenine, which is a pretty big loss in my opinion.

Second on other parts of the label and in the marketing it claims to have a Alpha receptor 2 antagonist, A2 antagonist are excellent for fat loss as they prevent A2 receptors from preventing fat breakdown, some areas have more of these receptors then others, which makes it hard to lose fat in those areas(example are the thighs).
The thing is none of the current ingredients are alpha 2 antagonist. I am guessing its left over from when they had yohimbine, which along with Alpha Yomhimbe are potent A2 receptor antagonist, which are banned in some countries that hate freedom. They have previously stated the formula is a big seller internationally which explains its removal, I contacted them and they are looking into it, but I decided to mention it regardless.

Finally it contains 3(up from 2) grams of maltodextrin which to be frank should not be there. It likely makes added Yomhimbe less effective due to spiking insulin, and provides no benefits, I would advise using another filler, maybe something like dextrin, which would provide fiber and wouldn’t spike insulin.
Like that coca cola plus they have in japan, that I really wish they would bring over to the US. (I have not tried it)


O ya, as for training did about 6 miles over a few hours before I ate had a few protein shakes, sunflower seeds and tried to meal prep 4 smallish bean and cheese burritos, which was a mistake as I ended up eating them all.

Day 7
Taste is good, kind of a better tasting version of BSN’s XE edge’s green apple flavor, it does have a slight underlying bitterness that could likely could be covered up with a bit more sweetener and citric acid, which I tested about half way through the drink, and it does seem to work, going to try it again tomorrow with a bit of tweaking to see how it fairs.

I agree on getting rid of maltodextrin. I’m not a fan in general, but in a fat burner it’s pretty silly. Why do you think it’s a loss removing octopamine? I’m not convince it will really have much benefit. Hordenine has pretty sparse research on it, but I think it has a little promise. More so than octopamine.

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Different binding activity on beta receptors then synepherine, and I haven’t tried it before.

On a side note a scoop of this with some Yomhimbe and 2 capsules of genius burn is interesting, kind of like what “Legend Pro” should have been.

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Day 7 part two
With my current stack there is allot of sweating, which is good, sadly it is also about 45 degrees in my house so I had to turn the heater on to bump it up a bit.
Sticking to the high protein. Ended up having a good couple of protein shakes due to the convenience and cinnamon really helping their flavor.

Day 8
Lifting day, took a scoop of 212 instead of one of the other preworkouts because I wanted to try the flavor again, No yomhimbe this time. There is still a hint of bitterness that keeps it at very good rather then amazing.

Had some trouble keeping track of the RECOMP RX pills since I don’t have a very set schedule and need to take 3 a day, so I am just setting 3 aside in a container I have.

As for the lifts, some curl variations I heard about from Guerrilla With A Cause, dumb bell bench press, some tricep kick backs, some grip training and very light weight dead-lifts. Since I don’t have access to a gym at the moment its all done with either 12 or 20 pound dumb bells, or a 50 pound barbell.

Finally my order from A1 arrived containing over a years worth of SNS synepherine, and 2 months worth of PEAK ATP(as peak SX-7).
Along with sample packets of Insane labs “redrum” and “I am god”. Which I will consider a personal insult.

Fun fact: I am blocked by insane labz on facebook for asking about them putting arecoline in their products.

Thank you for being honest with your reviews. 212 is a tremendous seller for us internationally as well as here inn the US. In some countries Octopamine has become a banned substance and here in the states it is on the WADA list or one of the similar types so we have decided to no longer add it.

As an aside, I see you have the Modern Man protein…I am assume you got one of those crazy coupons from Amazon? Thought on it and I will share mine as well…

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Yep, the text under the post gives details on where I ended up getting it. The flavor is good, but I do notice a hint of that MSG/l theanine taste, likely from the hydrolyzation.

Its the WADA that has it banned.

I tend to be brutally honest, which some companies have not liked.

@Christianmelon you and I will get along just great. I am a NY’er and believe in being honest. People always say we’re rude, nope, just speaking my mind. I refuse to be a snowflake…

As for the Alpha Isolate, I got the same deal. With milk it is OK but since I am on low carbs and mix it with water, just tastes like I squirted hershey syrup in water. I wonder if something happened with that batch/flavor as they are only doing the $10 sales on this one and not the other…

Oh well,

Snowflake eh, out of curiosity did you vote for trump?

Huh interesting thought, Maybe try out one of the plant “milks” or “Fairlife”(Coca cola brand milk!) which have some lower carb versions.

I would hope they aren’t doing a promotional sale with a bad batch though(I recall they had previously had it on 50% off, but I guess no one was biting).

Chris, have you tried Ignit3? If so, how does it compare to that as far as thermo

Haven’t tried Ignit3, It does look pretty interesting with all that paradoxine, and alpha Y. I have tried a few products like it though.

As far as the thermic effect it seems mild when I am just using it on it’s own, I have stacked it with Yomhimbe(not sure of exact amounts but I use a ton) and two capsules of Genius burn(which I would not pay full price for), which makes it fairly potent.

I think the sweating is partially due to the diuretics in the product more then the Y or GB, but the later two do potentate it a good bit.

I would likely put this down as a intermediate level fat-burner that’s good for contest prep due to the diuretics.

@Christianmelon I actually voted 3rd party.

Snowflake = pussification if America.

There is a low carb van almond milk I do use on occasion

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Yep, I normally see the term used by a specific type of person who is either on the libertarian side of the left, or the republican side of the spectrum so I was curious.

Might want to check the spelling on this part.

I had a sample. Took the full 5 caps preworkout, hit a lot harder than I expected. I really enjoyed the energy and focus, made me sweaty, but not excessively. I can’t comment on weight loss though, I only had the one sample.

I is a college student :grin:

Just started taking it two days ago, definitely hits pretty hard. Will see if it helps with fat loss. Did you stack it with a non stim pre workout?

@Msseffect do you have a separate thread you can share?